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Hello Digital Poppy! I really enjoyed that! Love the visual style and level design, i liked the way the story unravelled as you went along and the atmosphere grew the further you got into the game, not sure if i completed it or whether i need to go play it again to get a different ending. Thanks for making it available for us to play! I did a playthru of it, I hope you don't mind

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I'm glad you enjoyed the game! It was great seeing a project I didn't bother releasing for over a year because I wasn't sure it was good enough give someone some spooks! I'd love to go rework it sometime and fix up some of the issues (and make it even spookier!). There's only one ending do don't worry about replaying for a different ending, though there's a few extra things you can do, including find some extra rooms and 'fight' a big tortoise boss in the woods!

Whaaat? A big turtle boss! Goddam it how did i miss that? I figured I missed a few rooms, think there was a lift that i could have taken too. Its a great game, it is definately good enough to release so I'm glad you did and hope to see more from you! Thanks again!