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Wow, the only thing I would have to say is that there is an issue with the first jump. I thought it was a puzzle when in reality it was just a glitch. I was able to solve the glitch by reseting the player's spawn point. But all in all this game has a huge potential and I really wanna see a story for this game. I wanna know what happened before or what our enemy is. This could turn out to be the next portal 2 if development goes futher! All in all I really enjoyed this game! 


That's no small praise, and the sentiment is appreciated even if it is a bit of an exaggeration! :)

I think the reason you had trouble with the first jump is that it only works if you press A and push the stick forward at the same time. The button hint should be clearer in that regard.
And I might make a small patch later this weekend to make the climb work with only A. Because you are not the only one to have trouble there.

Thanks for playing!

Keep up the good work!