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Thank you for playing! It was a real fun game to work on!

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Well, moving the vines are the main mechanic of the game since it's a puzzle game about moving vines! ;)
I commented on your youtube video, but I'll say it here as well.

The game is made to be played with a controller, and the keyboard and mouse controls were added almost as an afterthought close to the end of the project. That's why the in-game hints only say which buttons to press for a controller.
If you want to play with keyboard and mouse you have to look up the controls before starting the game.

The key you were missing was holding left shift to move the vine up (left trigger on a controller), and later left mouse button when controlling two vines at once.

I hope you'll play the game again, since you didn't get to try any of the puzzles!

But thank you for showing interest!

That's no small praise, and the sentiment is appreciated even if it is a bit of an exaggeration! :)

I think the reason you had trouble with the first jump is that it only works if you press A and push the stick forward at the same time. The button hint should be clearer in that regard.
And I might make a small patch later this weekend to make the climb work with only A. Because you are not the only one to have trouble there.

Thanks for playing!

Hey again, I took a look at the keyboard controls and made a small fix. Just download the new version and you should be able to play with a keyboard and mouse. Read the updated description for the key mappings.
One thing though, the in-game hints still says to press the buttons on a controller so you'll have to remember the controls yourself.

We actually did make a control scheme for mouse and keyboard. But sadly it's not working correctly in the current version.
I could maybe take a look at it again for a future patch. The bug is probably not that hard to fix.

Thank you for your interest!