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Bro this game really made me feel very uneasy. If that is what you were going for you did an amazing job! 

I'll be honest, I didn't last long at all.... I love this game. The graphics really does make this game scarier. Btw can you possible make a port to vr? I would love to try it out again in VR! :)

This game has been one of the best game I have every played! The puzzles aren't very hard but aren't very easy either. Yall are doing a great job with this game! 

Lets make some BREAD! At fist I thought this game was about making some money until you realize it really is only about bread. LOL. Creator's who can make a simple game fun are very unique and talented. I hope you and your team can become a great big AAA Studio!  

thank you for making a funny game! Sorry for the late reply!

cuz its a typo lol, sorry for the late reply

I know you already made a comment on my video on the game. But this game is just so gosh darn amazing! I want to have more levels and maybe some with puzzles and harder parkour. But man this is absoulty amazing! Please don't stop making video games! 

#feminisim! I don't need these ignorant man to deterat from my femine character in the game. (This is in the perspective of the wife.) Anyone who doesn't show respect needs to be tought a lesson! (FYI If this in anyway offends anybody I do appoligize! )

Keep up the good work! 

Wow, the only thing I would have to say is that there is an issue with the first jump. I thought it was a puzzle when in reality it was just a glitch. I was able to solve the glitch by reseting the player's spawn point. But all in all this game has a huge potential and I really wanna see a story for this game. I wanna know what happened before or what our enemy is. This could turn out to be the next portal 2 if development goes futher! All in all I really enjoyed this game! 

My main issue with this game is the combat, they trully feel really sluggish and honestly wants me to never play it again. The zombies also arent that scary but they seem to take a minimum of 4 headshots per zombie... Another thing that made me quit the game is the saving, I would like to save the game really anytime or atleast have save points. I understand this is alpha and I am excited to see the full realise. But if it is anything close to this I am going to be blunt and not even consider buying the game. 

This game has so much potential for the Walk O motion. Like wow, I can't believe I don't need anything but to jog in place to move foward. That is absoutley amazing! 

So umm, this game is really hard. Like I was surprised I was still in wave two. But man this game was so much fun!! 

Please don't stop updating!

This game shouldn't even be free, it's such a great game that you should atleast charge people 5 dollars. So long as you update this game, it will be the next goat sim or something bigger! 

Bro, I could not beat this game. Like this gotta be some einstein game or something. But I absoulty loved it, I have to say this is the first Puzzle game I could not beat! 

Dude, you legit made my day from this game. Like it is the most hilarious game I have ever played!!! 

I can not wait till this game releases. The only thing I wish it had was that assassin creed vibe of free run. Other than that it's a fantastic game! 

This dude is the perferct babysitter. lol Awesome game! I hope you all become a fantastic company, although I did run into some glitches such as having the game freeze on me and all. But amazing game, ps please add save points!! 

yea I know, its just that many people have a certain mindset when it comes down to the personal edition. Mainly because of steam greenlight allowing any games on. I personally use the personal edition since unity is such a powerful engine. 

I too also make a mess of my whole house when I am looking for my keys. 

I will never watch Arthur ever again. Like never ever... I also made a video, and my intro isn't me getting scared. It is something silly I made. :P

Boy oh boy, I am so happy I didn't rage hard over this game. There were some things that I was like, oh lord. But man this game shows how powerful the unity engine can be, even personal edition. Also can you tell us what kind of drink is that in the end? Some say it's coffee while others say its Green tea. I would love to know! :P

This game is about to be a big thing, especially if you decide to develop the game with VR. holy crap bro I have never been so scared and excited of a trex game in my life... 

You all have a talent! I hope yall studio becomes extodinarly big! Also I know know why yall called it Zen Juice xD

Well Thanks for making an awesome game! :)

Amazing Visual Novel with Great Meening to it! :) 

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Dude don't scrap the game. I want you guys to rebuild it and retry. I want you guys to never stop making games. The reason I was angry was so you guys can prove me wrong in the next game. No one is asking a triple A game. Just a game that is simple and fun. Not one that is absolutely nothing. You guys have potential to create a game. Although I may not believe at the fact that you guys worked 24 hrs for this game, I will give you all the benefit of the doubt. If it is true, you guys are really close to making a better game than this. The map really wasn't the biggest problem, it was the whole mechanic and story. Remember map can suck if the mechanic and story is right.  Sadly this game wasn't the case. I believe one of the biggest problems is that you guys decided to create a game that was a bit over your head. Try to create games for fun and simple games and also use opengameart that website is amazing. I will also play your next game to see how much it will improve. I will also play it with an open mind, don't worry I truly believe you all will do better next time!!! :)

Dude, I wish I found that easter egg!! Awesome game! I wish all the luck with you!! If I can make a suggestion, to maybe make this sorta like mc. The mechanics is amazing, there is big pottental when it comes to this game. A open world style will do wonderfully with this game!! Either way, it was so much fun!!!

Oh snap sorry! Thought I already did that xD! I am glad you enjoyed!!!

Awesome game dude!! Made a video of it!! 

I also edited out the music for the boss to something more apporpiate.... 

Virus. community · Created a new topic Let's have a talk...

Look, I played this game and I have to say... This is not a game. I am sorry but what I played was horrendis. You guys didn't even try to make this into a game. If this was your guys first time using a game engine, Understand that there is a lot more things YOU CAN DO.... What this is makes the game engine a laughing stock... Not only that BUT YOU USED THE SAME SIMPLE ASSETS.... AND THE ENEMIES DON'T KILL.... THE SPIDER HAS ZERO ANIMATIONS... and worst of all THE LEVEL DESIGN ISN'T EVEN A LEVEL DESIGN. Not to be rude, but it looked like a child did this. I should know since I CREATE GAMES AND I MADE THESE KIND OF GAMES WHEN I WAS 10..... Now it is up to you guys to either take this as a jerk comment or as a motivational thing. Where you can RE DO THIS GAME WITH LEGAL MUSIC AND ACTUALLY WORK HARD ON IT. I am not asking for perfict. but you guys don't seem to even try to get that.... Oh btw I also made a youtube video about it... 

I don't think it was from the game xD I believe it was probably from my end since I was recording xD. But fantastic game!! Can't wait for Multiplayer!!! 

Wow, I have to admit although there are some bugs, it isn't a game breaking expirence. I am really excited on what this game might become, especeially when it becomes a multiplayer game! Although I do wish the houses were enterable, and that it can stop crashing when I am recording xD. But that all fine!! It was a fun game!!! Link to my Video: