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I'm just going to give up and play in the browser only, i cant find anything called "player data" and using the search phrases just brings up an error message. maybe creating a feature that automatically pulls it up from the options menu would help make it easier to send you guys player data?


I have uploaded two Linux builds similar to WebGL:

Sipho 0.91_Nofx Linux Universal

Sipho 0.91_Nofx Linux

You can find them on main Sipho page. I couldn't figure out how to link them directly on itch. Would you be able to tell us which one works for you? They both have some image effects disabled like WebGL does. And Gamma one uses Gamma rendering (instead of Linear). Thanks!


sure thing, ill try them out later today or tomorrow.

so neither of those seem to have worked. do i perhaps need to download some kind of unity engine software?

Thank you.

As a last resort I will make another build with no image effects. It's weird though as those builds use same features as WebGL, yet the latter works for you.


Sorry forgot to ask, did you try going past Breed selection menu? I've forgotten to change effects in main menu, which could have still indicated unplayable build.

We've uploaded another build - Sipho 0.91_NoNoFX Linux which should have NO effects at all. Let us know if it works!


Could you contact us through one of these sites: 

Dominas#6068 on Discord

Or by email:

Itch doesn't have private message functionality, so that's why I'm writing here.