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Thanks for making this available. Its wonderful. I don't seem to be able to get it to run when i download though. It's just showing this... I know I'm missing something. Any help?

You're probably missing the following files:

app.js - js code of the application
style.css - describes how it's supposed to look
/data/ - file with default parts and configuration
FileSaver.min.js - lib
jszip.js - lib

They shoud be placed next to index.html.

Browser will prevent the app from using those files though - there might be some flag or option for that but it's inherently insecure.

Easiest solution is to run a local server. 

On Linux something like `php -S` would do. As for  Windows: I've just found this list and there is one Windows solution there at the very end but I've never used it.

Thanks for the fast reply. When I download the files, I only get...

When I go to the "Little Update" page the link doesn't seem to be active. Sorry for my denseness here. Just seems like I'm missing pieces...

Oh, I see, you've tried to download it with download button. I'm honestly surprised it was there in the first place; my bad. It didn't give you the working version of the app really, I've removed it just now.

If you want to run the app locally you'll have to use browser dev-tools and extract it from and then run with a static server, probably figure out some bugs and what-not.

Tbh, this is not really prepared to be a stand-alone app.

Thanks for this. I really appreciate the helpful direction and all of the stuff you release. Its great content and inspiring!