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Great to see another godot project here! :)

The windows file says FliperLinux.exe, this is confusing. And I strongly recommend you putting the .exe and the .pck files together in a .rar or .zip file for next updates/projects, this can be something that throws people of your game. I work with Godot too, so I know it needs the .pck file in the same folder, but not everyone knows. Anyway, just some advice.

The idea is nice and the character sprite is great! But you got to fix those collisions! And sometimes the game just stops responding the inputs.

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You bet! The lacking of the .pck file was a bad thing, and also we didn't had so much contact with the procedure of export the complete game - it was new to us, indeed. But, thankfully, we had the insight to provide more options to play the game, and the HTML version saved our skin! It's our recommended way to test the game in the Jam's avaliation period to be judged within the Jam rules, and, as soon as the period ends, we'll be back with the proper .zip file. Thank you for the testing, the advice and the recommendations; everything will be counted in our future improvements!


Oh, and let's make Godot gains space in the Jams!