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We thank you for the testing and the comment, and don't worry! A new pack of stages is being made and will sure prolong the game, be certain! The few amount of stages is due to the deadline of the Jam - we really ran out of time to make more stages, but, in the pack, new stuff will be brought inside the stages taking the rotation effect to more interesting ways of playability and puzzle-solving strategies. So take a look on it when we bring the upgrades!

Before the evaluation, let me greet you by the title, my life as Guitar Hero fan supports this reference!

The music is well placed, a mix of rough and joyful; I liked it. The concept reminds me some NES games, like Konami's Antarctic Adventure, but it's pretty original the way you can force the others to gain speed as you throw them into the stuff on the field. In the same way, the other cars can do the same with you and this can be a little frustrating, once some things on the field seems to teleport you to other position away and you end up losing control of the situation. But it's really fun to play, I started it again a couple of times till get the last position, and I hope you go on with the project!

I see you've got good abilities on Godot and that makes me confident the engine is getting the due attention and will gain the support it deserves. Thanks for it and good luck!

Oh, we appreciate all these advices and troubles found by playing our game. Indeed, it's possible to finish the game without the jumping skill, but we prefered to let some plattformer details to emphasize the genre. Godot, as many says, is a good game engine for prototyping and, once you're familiarized with it, take part upon a Jam is pretty fun and confortable; we recomend this engine wherever we Jam. Thanks for the help with the feedback and let's see  the Slow Ride guy! Good Luck!

Pretty polished and has powerups!
Great concept :D

Oh, and let's make Godot gains space in the Jams!

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You bet! The lacking of the .pck file was a bad thing, and also we didn't had so much contact with the procedure of export the complete game - it was new to us, indeed. But, thankfully, we had the insight to provide more options to play the game, and the HTML version saved our skin! It's our recommended way to test the game in the Jam's avaliation period to be judged within the Jam rules, and, as soon as the period ends, we'll be back with the proper .zip file. Thank you for the testing, the advice and the recommendations; everything will be counted in our future improvements!

Thanks for the testing and comment! I'd say we let less than 5% of the Jam to design the levels - the basic mechanics really took a long time to get acceptable in our concepts. But, due to our Game Designer's encouragement, we arranged some time to complete 4 levels, and they were really good to show our efforts so far. We are preparing a new pack of stages (they were actually ready to be added to the game during the Jam, but we choose to finish the game before the deadline), so just you wait and we'll be back with a complete and improved version!

Yes, our team took the rotation effect and level design as priority while the jam was going on. Our next step on the jam should be, without doubt, more "directive" - correcting the collisions, upgrading tiles and reform the motion flow - but we sought seriously the goal of achieve the concept idea until the very end, and we liked the way it got! We're so grateful for your feedback and these topics you helped us to rise up for future improvements. Thanks!

It was on the video that showed the gmtk theme. We also took an approach to VVVVVV, if you look at it's gameplay, and our BGM will be something on that way too.

Yes! It was complicated enough hold everything in 48h, and we ended up packing the game lacking of some BGM. But, right now, we are improving every detail of it, adding new stuff, new concepts, new interesting mechanics for the rotation effect over other objects, and many other things. We thank you a lot for the feedback and be certain your impressions will help us to improve our concept with a better execution!

vvvvvv with a signpost and coin enemy, pretty nice ! :D

Thanks for testing our game! We had a lot of insights in that way (about adding some other objects that can be affected by the rotation and gravity variation), but we didn't try to explore so many aspects of the Platformer genre - the rotation effect was a full time challenge for our second Game Jam! We're glad to be able to conclude a game although the little gaps, and we'll be working on fixing it as soon as possible; the ideas around what we achieve are very scalable and we will agregate your impressions and tips in that work.

We thank you a lot for these tips and feedback, and be certain this project will be properly fixed and continued!!


You're so gentle!