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Really interesting mechanics. I really like how the dungeon has the keyboard map. The fact that you can cast spells before you move is neat.

It seems like the game boils down to:

-survey the room, put forests where there are enemies, while still leaving room to get through to the finish.
- I wish there was a bit more variation, but with the limited time, those 3 spells are enough.

The ending is very undertale-esque. I liked that. It would be nice if the player knew upfront, but I suppose the game is short enough that its easy to jump back in once the goal is known.

Great showing for the jam theme. cheers.

Thanks a lot for playing!
Yeah, you've pretty much figured out how to efficiently get through a level, but even with that things can get tricky.
It was my goal for the first playthrough to be a tutorial, I think I can do that since it's so quick.