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Hi Kodiqi, I'm glad you liked it. The controls where a funny one; I only had my family to 'play test' with, and originally I did have the hit indicator behind the ball, which they found fine on the 'menu' stage, but then when the game started it suddenly got confusing. I didn't want the game to be hard to play because of the controls, and so I switched it. Perhaps if I make a post-jam version I should just make it an option on the main menu?

Out of interest, what about the music did you think didn't fit? I challenge myself in game jams to make as much as possible myself, so I understand the music isn't that good! But I'm curious to hear what about it didn't fit (E.G. Tone, genre, the chiptune-y-ness, or what else it is).

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback as well!


Regarding the music, it just felt too upbeat and almost futuristic sounding to go with pool which, even in this form, seems a bit more relaxed to me.

Cool, thanks for the feedback!