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I did not expect that.

This game made me feel anxious, bothered and made me feel somewhat personally attacked. And a little bit of goose bumps. Usually this would be a bad thing, but I think its amazing that a game made in 48h could do this.

Sure... the game could use a little bit of more gameplay time and longer exposition but I mean... its a jam

Sincerely, the game design is on point. You have proven that you can make the player feel what you want them to feel in a few minutes and that is a hard thing to do. Game designers design experiences and I think you did that.

Also, kudos for narration, subtitles accessibility and volume control. This shows a lot of attention to detail.

Good game. Be proud. Congrats!


O-oh gosh, thank you! <3 Jam constraints have skewered the game a bit, especially in technical places and "Thing is ready, all we gotta do is put it in" department. But thank you for your feedback, truly! You, in fact, gave me the most concrete way we could have improved the feel of the game: Longer exposition and more gameplay time, a longer "retention graph" so that our point is driven home in a more organic way! Urgh...

And thank you again! We actually watched Mark's Visual ACessibility video mid-jam to help us make proper subtitles - we.... failed in the implementation, yeah, but I'm glad we tried and that it was noticed! Thank you so much for your feedback <3


Thanks Ian! 

We really wanted to provoke the players and make them feel uncomfortable, so I’m sorry for that. 

A little more of gameplay would be wonderful, maybe expand the world a little bit. But it’s 48h jam with a 6 members team, so I’m really satisfied with the ending product. I’ve participated in a few jams, and this was definitely one of my favourites. 

I have to admit the audio narration was a stretch goal, but i’m really glad we made it. I think it gives a hole new experience to the game. Our sound designer, my fellow artist companion, put a lot of effort in it and I’m super proud. 

Thanks for the comment ;)