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Hello! Just played the game and found it amazing. Original, interesting, actually "skill-based" and founded on the imaginary of the great Escher. Very well done!

I just want to point out that I may have found a little "bug", or maybe exploit is the right word. When you have a cube picked up, while walking, if you drop the cube and then jump twice (in a fast sequence) you'll actually jump higher than just putting the cube on the ground and using it as a step. Probably because the second jump starts while the character is at the peak of the first one. By the way, I found this late in the game while playing "Meeting", so I don't know if it can be exploited to skip some levels, but I know that in "Run" you can use it to jump over the closed door without having to do the normal procedure. 

you can actually  step on the cube jump pick up the cube and use it as the " double jump" you can skip some things in the game ,but there are better ways to skip....the whole game.., lel     ( in the video below i use the normal double jumb and the extended)

Thank for the report, I saw your speedruns and was really impressed. I always find glitches and unintended mechanics really interesting. So I'm often on the fence about removing them from the game. I even found some useful skips before release, but decided to let them as it's like hidden secrets that speedrunners only would find. Usually I would want to remove things that players can stumble upon during regular gameplay, or that completely destroy the game (like when you go through the ground directly to the finish line). I think this double jump would rarely happen by mistake, so it can stay for now. Thank you for your interest in the game, let me know if you find anything else interesting!

yeah the "double jump" is great .i would also leave it in the game

i have made a little video with some thing that i have found in the game .But the video isnt online right now cause i have to upload it.i will post the link when done

there it is

Nice ! My game is sooo broken it seems :) the glitch where you just go through walls seems the worse and that it could be found by accident by an innocent first time player. The multiple jump by grabbing the cube again and again is super impressive. Thank for your video, it made my day !

i dont think people playing the first time will find any of these glitches, the wall glitch has to be verry precise. sorry for making it seem like its broken :D