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I loved it! A lot!

Sometimes a bit frustrating when accidentally giving a wrong stimulus, or the correct one not showing up, but the checkpoint system was forgiving in a really really nice way.

The way how you use the four different "parrot behaviour states" through what it sees is ingenious, and really makes you plan out a screen in advance. On top of that it was very noticeable that you kept those four states in mind so that during more difficult sequences you don't have to change it's behaviour anymore.

Also a big thanks to your girlfriend for helping you out with the idea and therefore making this fun game possible ;)

Thank you for your lovely comments! My girlfriend says you're welcome :)

I'm glad you noticed that I tried to tie different 'sights' to different actions on each screen, in fact I feel like I should have gone further with that idea and probably will redesign the levels a bit in the future to double down on that idea a little more. I agree it can be frustrating - some other comments have suggested making it turn-based which I might toy with. A part of me wants to keep it this way to preserve some of the comedy, but maybe there's a best of both worlds.

Although making it turn-based could definitely make it less frustrating at times, I too think it would cut down on the hilarity of it. Maybe add it only as an option? ;p