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Lol, there's a bug, after playing one game, when you play a new game, you can't do anything after dropping the Pawn, it doesn't look like it's centered right either.

Woah that's a new one, I'll look into it this weekend thanks for letting me know!

Do you mind letting me know if you're on Win/Mac/Linux? Did this happen every time you beat a level (after restarting the game)? I did a deep dive into the code with no luck, though I did find another game breaking bug so I got that fixed!

I'll keep looking into it!

I'm on Windows. Yes it happens everytime.

Thanks so much for the video! Still not 100% sure why this is happening, but the video rules out a few things I thought it was. huh. I'll keep looking into this :)

this bug happened to me also.. windows

Thanks for letting me know. I'll keep trying to figure out where it's coming from :)