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The presentation of the game, the graphics, are so good for a free game lol.
Im listing some comments but obviously you're not gonna update it and it's fine:

  • -Some UI improvements could be done (such as showing when a button can be clicked). I was a bit confused at first and I didn't understand the color separation / skull separation thing lol. a bit more explanation could be nice (like when a card shines, it's safe; that every character has 2 skills, the top one cost 1 star the other 3 etc). 
  • -It kinda drags on too long? The campaign for one character is so long, especially since there's so many other characters we would like to try out. A game to 30 is just sooo long.
  • maybe during the campaign having some extra bonuses you gain as you progress  would have been nice? idk

I was so mad after losing the last fight after grinding like 2 hours on the game lol. I'll try again another time. Love the visuals! The characters are also pretty funny.

Question, are the main cast of characters from a different game?

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  • vs the 100: I struggled so much until I added the 19-stone Siphon lol, then it actually took me just 1 try (2 if you count the one where I just reset because he blocked all my opening on turn 1 lol). The 19-stone might be the best stone against him.
  • Removing a -1 stone should be fine, yes.
  • Yea I won against 19 fight in the first try lol, your advice of keeping the stones in hand if they're just going to die really made the opening better for me. Though I'm not planning to  do the 20-battle run challenge yet, I just wanted to try fighting 19 fight again with your advice lol.

Works okay, maybe a bit slow lack some sort of spice idk. Maybe make the movement more snappy or smth where they go very fast and then slow down.

The knights are really funny to play with, even if they move in a really not Knight way. I'm weirded out that pawns can take whats in front of them but I guess there's no other way. I feel like that's a lot of controls (just to navigate + 2 buttons to change direction + 2 buttons to slightly adjust the pieces, i dont think we really need the adjustement buttons). Maybe the direction the piece goes in depends of the camera, that would make it more golf-like? Because currently the game doesn't really justify the fact that it's 3D, besides maybe the Knight (I had a funny bug where it jumped and it stayed on top of my piece without killing it).

I think you should remove the ring that's around the board, make pieces be able to fall out of the board. Maybe favor knocking a piece out of the board as a way of killing them (that would make better use of your physics system?) than just having to touch it. Heck maybe add a hole in the middle of the board lol.

Could be nice to have the answers? I dunno lol, I spent so much time just for AND and NOT, I stopped at Even?

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Oooh yea that's a good stategy, I didn't think of doing it but it's actually a good counter against stone-19! It does make the fight much easier.

Also I played the rest though I think i kinda abused on the -77 lol. Aw you changed the layout of fight 97? I liked the challenge because it seemed like the last stone to get. It kinda forced you to use stone 23 etc,

Love the game as always!

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I was trying to beat it again, but oh lord I got stuck against prime master 19 Challenge mode lol. What deck/strategy do you think works against him? I legit spent 2 hours against him this time lol. The trick might be to exploit the AI somehow? But I forgot how.

Wow, the animations and graphics are on point! It's a small game but really imaginative combinaison of sokoban and sex. I'm not too into horses but I can appreciate nice rigging and meat wall textures.

Also funny icon lol. Just overall great visual design.

Thanks for making this game! Oooh alright.

My opinion/experience on each card (yea coz im wordy like that):

negative stone: i was perplexed it would break the balance, but i guess it's pretty interesting; you basically have a free very expensive card to play, but you have to play it last and you can't keep your hand (so it's useless on 67-stone Draw 2). I would usually use it early on with -98 or -61, but i think it worked very well with 77-Surround Immune lol.

1-stone: basic, very useful early, sometimes you want to keep some depending on your max energy. (Like against the guy that turn your deck into 37-stone and you had like 40 energy, my deck was just 1-stones). Being able to place a stone is always good.

2-burn: useful in early game. I'm not sure getting a +1 burn for twice the price is worth. 

3-cycle: wasn't useful in early game, but late game I think it becomes a very good card so you can search for a Draw 2 when you need one, or discard a Negative stone when you don't need it. It's pretty cheap so it can just replace the 1-stone when you have enough energy. I tested 9-stone, but 3-stone seemed to work well enough, 27 doesn't seem worth it though.

5-freeze: really good early game, i'd say much better than burn lol, the 5-primeMaster was quite hard early on. It's kinda funny how early in the game, it's important to remember to use your most expensive cards if you can, and keep your 1-stone in hand so you can play them next turn. 

7-immune: good thought that you limited the numbers of stone we had available lol. Otherwise fighting primeMaster 19 would have been much easier. Good stone throughout, it's really what allows you to set in stone something, though I kinda just used -77 late game.

11-surround: MVP lol, I think even early it's quite nice (i tried to unfreeze it with 49-stone, quite fun). It's really useful when you need to quickly gain space and there's a limited amount of turn (like against primeMaster 97). Late game it becomes quite cheap too.

13-bewitch: i was really confused what it did at first, took me quite a few games to actually understand how it worked. It depends on the opponent we're fighting, i think it's mandatory against those last fights where the Prime Master has 300 Energy.

17-diagonal movement: kinda funny, I think I used it for some specific maps, but in the end the 23-stone might be better in general?

19-destroy all surrounding: oh lord when you get this, it's when the stones get really insane. This has nice chemistry with 7-immune, I had some fun trying to destroy everything and putting 7-stones in the empty spaces. Really cool stone and not that much worse than 31-stone or 61.

23-jump: I didn't really it much, but when i started using it late game it was really good, you can really rush down and take a lot of space with 11-stone.

29-stays in hand: mhh didn't use it at all lol, i don't think it's very good? Kinda expensive?

31-remove stone: very fun like 19-stone, but also has a slightly different use case (19-stone can destroy up to 3 enemy stones, 31 always destroy 1 enemy stone but anywhere). So 31-stone doesnt need the 7-stone to work well, but it's quite more expensive.

37-copy: kind of a gimmick lol? I don't think it's very useable either.

41-reverse colors: very weird, didn't use it, don't know how to use it well. But it does beat Immune.

43-next card is free: was always kinda too expensive to be useable? And when you could start using it, you have minus stones for expensive cards instead. Also it's very conditional, it can often become a dead card in hand.

47-discard: it's really just an AI-card, I don't think players will really deckbuild with that.

53-time: looks fun but i didn't use it much. seems too expensive.

59-remove from deck: oh lord, very bold to include this card. You basically have to make sure any 3 card combinaison doesn't insta-win the game. I might have used it a few times to get 61, -61 and 43 in hand or something lol.

61-cover other: very cool idea again, it's highly dependent on turn count. I felt sometimes it was too slow/not worth, 

67-draw2: the long awaited draw2 card lol, man that primeMaste 67 was insane. Really cool card, very useful even this late. 

71-factor: i didnt understand at first. It's very situational? The only use case I found was using it with a 81 (4 * 3-stone cards) to get a really early lead, but even then it's luck dependant. Most of the time you would it, you just get trash in the deck.

79-surround stone: was okay, i used it a bit, but then just used 77 instead lol.

83 to 97: didnt use them lol, 89 is just a card for AI. 97 comes too late (and i guess it's too expensive). 83 might have some potential but didnt test.

X stone: maybe useable, but doesn't seem that good (too random).

Repeat the last card: i think it's a bad card.

Calculator: best card in the game obviously, but actually it's not by too much. I like how the value stays the same throughout a game.

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Wow that's really a fun game. You use the game space so well (using prime numbers, finding all kinds of possible card effects for such simple rules). Right now I'm a bit stuck against prime Master 61 (i might go to the Lab and complete some Rooms since apparently you can get some cheat cards lol? i played the game on challenge mode). I was afraid with the energy number getting so big, the game would suffer from it and becomes less clear. It is sometimes annoying to count numbers together but the game gains depth in deckbuilding.

I'd say the game moves away from being a abstract boardgame (at the beginning you try to place your stones in the middle, occupying space etc, kinda like the game of Go lol), and the more you advance the more the game is just pure card game/deckbuilding lol.
I do like how it really feels like a puzzle game sometimes; where you need to design a deck to counter the opponent's deck. Even when I thought I had a broken deck, I could only use it once before I had to adapt my deck for my next opponents again lol.  (like a deck made of 11-stone eggs, 49-stone to unfreeze, and a bunch of cycle cards). I didn't understand at first there's a 6 card limits in hand, so sometimes i was confused when i played the draw 2.

5/5! great game

edit: after beating level 61

Am I correct in assuming the late levels are very hard (impossible?) without the cards from the lab? I love how you somehow manage to raise the difficulty/challenge every time. The balancing is very good and it's very hard to break the game (maybe impossible, even cards like Draw 2 which usually just break card games, it's pretty hard to exploit it, since it also has anti synergy with negative cards that you can only play once and last), I did notice how for the 97 boss, you only have 85 Energy, which is not enough to play two 43-stones lol (the one that makes you next card free, i guess it would be too easy with the draw-2 stone). Often times I would think I have the strongest combinaison/synergy possible, and the next encounter I get beaten to a pulp. It seems it's highly map dependant which is a good thing.

okay now im stuck at 97 wow lol. I have to praise your AI (i don't know how hard is the decision tree), but it is pretty hard and good lol.

edit: i beat it, holy damn that was really tight lol.

my final deck:

I beat the final boss but i'm still missing a stone? I guess i get it from the Mining Battles, but I don't really feel like playing those lol, great game!

your sacrifice won't be in vain

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Somehow it's very addictive even though theres lot of weird interactions or bugs that kill a run. Like the fact you can use the special cards in the reward section is really confusing at first, or the card that Average everything, i feel like it produces a lot of bugs (like if you do it in running the scales, you can play cards even if they're not under or over, in the Balancing Act it just makes it so you can play the cards that are on the scales again). Just in general the special cards create a lot of unintended behavior I think.

like what happened here? I added the Joker to the left and somehow the other scale got +8?

Also unfortunate we can't check our local highscore.

Also the balancing could be better, the game is breakable if you keep your deck count low and a bunch of jokers, which makes it really not about math anymore. But still really addictive!

Game looks good to me now, I haven't encountered a bug!

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Nice game, there's no game bug I've encountered.

Unfortunately the game rules/difficulty are a bit inadequate, as you can just win by putting as many pawns as possible. The game drags on (I've reached level 70, is there an end?).  There is no strategy to plan and no reason to put any piece other than spam pawns (it's a common problem of game where you can scale the cheapest option).

It's quite surprising how the pieces move in "real time". I would have expected more chess like rules (one piece per turn). Which might be why having lots of units is very powerful. The AI playing you can also be stupid/make some blunders which can be frustrating.

When I launch the game, it's stuck on this screen?

I have 174 words

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It's very easy to miss the text cutscenes that appear when you fly, one flap-wing input and it just skips one. I'd recommend have a minimum waiting time for when the screen changes, or have to click on a button to make the text moves to the next.

The controls are really really too hard lol. I think if you just made the movement of the Dragon be linear on the screen from arrow keys it would just be more fun to play coz right now it's just frustrating? idk, the momentum really goes crazy and it's so hard to just fly upward sometimes? idk idk

Also it's also not clear why you needed depth, because the planes just stay static ? Why not just put them all at the same depth and as long as your mouse is dead on them it's a sure shot lol? If they were flying and their depth were constantly changing I could see the point of depth (though it would make it also a lot harder lol). Well maybe it happens later but I cant get past the second wave lol.

short lived playthrough: (sorry if my english is bad / i sound rude sometimes my bad)

I'll keep trying for a bit until i beat this second wave lol

edit: gg i beat the game

hahaha I love the gameplay ! It works very well, the writing is also good and the progression is nice. I think you could use some help for the artstyle though. We could collaborate if you wanna do a common project lol

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I like the UI, very friendly and easy to learn! Unfortunately the gameplay is kinda boring (a lot of pokemons do the same, the berry mechanic isnt as interesting as how the squirrels work in Inscryption. It's mostly a grindfest to level up all your cards, meanwhile in Inscryption you have limited time and have to choose the best usage of ressource. The scribes should be the most important point of cards but they are only small icons on the card.) I also think Inscryption made the right choice by being asymetrical, you can plan/predict what the opponent will do/whats coming, whereas here you cannot.

there's not depth I'd say is the issue.

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Really cool you could find and enjoyed my game!

Yea I'm replaying it a bit now, I think the difficulty starts way too high lol.  I'll make it easier at the beginning.

oooh that comment should be at the top! so cool!

O_O ?! Qui veut commencer un jardin partagé à côté???

one idea I have, is when the game ends, give them a score based on some conditions I have written on my own lol, like "do the windows have curtains?" or "can everyone sit with this number of chair/couch?"

It seems very fun actually. Seems like tools will be sorta underused/redundant? (arent most items they will pick up similar to their tools?) Maybe the punishment for being seen is too harsh lol.

For people who don't have dice with 20 faces but still want to roll some dice: you can turn rolling two 6 sided dice into either 18 options (roll 1d6, then roll again but count the 1d6 as if having 3 side) or 21 options (roll both die, the combinaison without order gives 21 results) easily. So just add or remove 2 of the pdf's options!


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Hi, I wanted to make a new game. But when I race against the bird (for the first time), I never get the confettis when I arrive first, also when Avery arrives, i can't talk to her, i'm locked into the race mode.

Here's a save:

Love the game btw!

lol, yea I see in your history that you often complain about the search options, but it's true, it's kind of a nightmare to search for specific things (I wanted to search for games that had a chinese translation in the bundle I bought, I quickly gave up on that lol) 

Hey love the community, but I wished we had better search option or just a better search interface in general, like it would be great to be able to search for specific languages?

Or like when you buy a bundle, within it you can only search using the title or creator... Being able to search by tags/description or number of players for TTRPGs would be really cool...

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what's the stat patience for?

lol when you start a new game, the timer doesn't restart. The AI is pretty good though; it's like depth 7 or something lol?

...isnt the flinging animation too slow lol? I'd wish it was faster.

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The nice game design with this game is that how much you lose by flipping the vampire is scaled to the numbers of cards you flipped.

So if you only flipped one card and got a Vampire, you got unlucky and only lose a small amount, while if you almost flipped everything, you lose a big amount (which is more likely because you played bad/gambled).

You should try to Pass more often when you're not sure but you're still getting a positive income. And you shouldn‘t flip unecessary cards so the stake Bonus is higher (ex: if you know a card is 2+, you don't need to flip it, you already know it's very low, this way the Stake bonus is higher if you find the Vampire quickly).

Oh so it's a reskin of chess? Too bad the isometric view makes it so hard to play like normal chess lol.

It's a nice fun little concept, unfortunaly  it's a little too easy so it's hard to say.  Pawn dealing 10 damages might be too much. The AI of the pieces is really nice though!

Frankly the AI being so dumb is a feature. It's way more fun to play against a dumb AI, using simple tactic like discovery attacks and such, than fight an uphill intellectual battle against a Terminator.

Deep Blue would be impossible if it played well lol.

Renaming checks as pog, and mentioning the pronouns of the pieces hahaha

yea, it's some PS3 dualshocks, so there's no way to play it unless with xbox pads? too bad!

hm i cant seem to manage to connect a second controller, we both control P1?

i wouldnt really call it funny ending, but yea, fun overall lol