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The game looks super polished, it leaves a good impression just from the intro. I have to admit that I don't know how to play the game though. The move and slide mechanic is too unintuitive for me. Even in the training camp, I did not learn much.

This game definitely need a tutorial where it teaches you to do one think at a time (Moving, then jumping, then flipping etc.)

If there's a tutorial, I'll look forward to play it again :)


I actually just posted an update with a new in game tutorial a few minutes ago, but it's only a simple one.  It's definitely a game that takes some practice to learn -will try to think of some ways to make it easier for learning though -thanks for trying it though :)


I'm starting to understand it now. Just stomp before you land so you don't hit the ground head first.


Pretty much that or keep spinning until you are right side up again.  Just updated the game with a new small tutorial area that will hopefully help anyone having a hard time learning it -thanks again for your feedback :D