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So, keyboard and mouse control are experimental. I'm experimenting like mad, but no cigar :-) Which buttons are active for keyboard and/or mouse?

Hi there!

[W],[S] should be up/down in the menu and [enter] is accept.
[W],[A],[S],[D] + Mouse should work to move and shoot.

We didn't have much time during the end of the jam and very quickly implemented keyboard+mouse controls:(

Now also part of the instructions above :-)

Not even worth a reply? No worries though, today it was working. Not sure why nothing seemed to work yesterday. Nice game. Play really nicely. Also like that it's vector based, images stay razor sharp when you go full screen.

Did I not reply? I think I did. Anyways, thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it.

Haha yes, you did, yesterday, but two days ago I saw some replies on other people's messages, but not on mine. I felt left out ;-) But no worries, it worked like a charm now!

Oh, I'm sorry about that.