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I was very conflicted about the game towards the end, yet it did bring amazing story and enjoyable gameplay, while kind of deceiving the subjective expectation, which I got from the start. 

First of all, the sound design - brilliant. The environment was eerie, it felt like a true horror experience and did not have cheap jump scares, which I respect a lot. Story was blend, I was invested in it until the end and the ambiguous ending felt like a disappointment, but, the rest of the showcased content was fantastic.

Now, 2 major things that were a let down for me, based on the information on the game's page. First, the Lovecraft quoting - I though the game would feature the comic horror elements, yet it did not, which made the quote a bit meaningless. I did understand the context of this game being a fear, but still, it was not connected to the cosmic horror, rather more cult following and monster such as SPOILER - Wendigo. 
Second issue came from the screenshots, which showcased hiding mechanic and AI. I did think the game would feature those 2 and unfortunately it didn't in the most traditional way - there was only 1 sequence as an animated scene and there was no real danger from AI. 

All of the criticism aside, the game is decent, enjoyable and unique. I do hope you consider changing some of the aspects of the description for the game, other than that it's perfect.   

Good luck with the future projects. 

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Hey, Niven!

This was my first complete project with a full story, so it did have a few issues in the writing and story department so I'll certainly keep the feedback in mind! 

I'd originally planned quite a few mechanics but abandoned some concepts due to the increasing complexity of the project. I'll def keep this in mind for my next project.

Thank you for the feedback once again, appreciate it!