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Absolutely! I enjoyed it very much. Make some more please!

The game caught my eye instantly. I loved the atmosphere and sound design, the sequences during gameplay, especially towards the end made me wonder about a serious discussion subject, which I think was not your primary theme for this game, but can't notice the barkeeper's dream and the environment overall, hinted about alcoholism. It's just difficult to put the addiction problems in the game, because then it has to serious, but nevertheless I loved the game. 
Hope to see new projects soon. Good Luck!

It was a wonderful experience, as I said, I've watched the gameplay before, when it came out, because I thought I could not play it, but now, while I was running in this environment I felt so invested and emotional, really, really amazing. One of the best works you have done and clearly the movements and character development has increased drastically, it's more grounded and to be honest, it does look like an AAA game from 2000s, like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Groundbreaking!!! Hope to see more and soon!!!
Again, thanks so much!

As soon as I read this comment, I felt very happy, it's just little things that can make a person's day amazing and you just did it. I appreciate so much, that you considered my opinion and truly you are one of the best developers I have seen and your games are very imaginative and addictive. FYI, I have my email attached to my bio on my game page, so you can check it out. Thank you so much for noticing and I am super looking forward for your games. Thanks super very much!

Once again, surprisingly ambitious and fantastically creepy masterpiece!
Unfortunately, I did miss the game first 2 days, but that's due to personal work, but when I saw the gameplay I was stunned. Really looking forward to more and more projects. 
I've looked at the design, game mechanics and sound, all the same top notch performance, excellent storytelling and grand action. Love it, hope to see improvements with the cutscenes and combat, not that they are not good, don't hear me wrong, entire game is brilliant, just making it a little different would suit it more. 
Good Luck with the upcoming projects and I will be on a look out to play them. Bravo! 

What a twist!
I enjoyed this game a lot, it did not lack anything at all, perfect merge of science fiction and horror. Truly amazing, neat mechanics, tense atmosphere and overall amusing game. Loved it! Keep up the good work!

Great. My point proven. Thanks. That's all I needed.

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Neither of my posts have anger intentions, like your post has, I can only say that in the first post I might have been defensive, because I felt the nitpicking was not neccesary, that's all and I stated my opinion without using insulting language, like you did. The fact that you don't realise, that you told me that I was a "fool" and "manners" thing, now you are denying it, makes me wonder that you are not following what you have written. Honestly, I don't feel like saying anything, because if being honest and objective is a crime and telling someone, personally, note that please, that their are fool and need to get some manners is fine, then I am guilty, your word over mine.

Again, I wrote my personal opinion regarding to the subject matter, I did not offend or insult anyone, meaning I did not use "inappropriate" language, like you did and that's a fact, you can't deny it, it's right there in your comment, you were rude!Being patronising, in this case, can be easily mistaken by something else or maybr hardly be proven, I mean words can explain and show the attitude yes, but can it be a solid proof of someone's connection to that? Meaning, I can feel angry, but write in a way that no one would notice and opposite, I can write that I like something and be sarcastic, you won't be able to tell until I say it with a tone. In the end, please, don't insult me with rude words alright, especially don't give me advice on manners, when you used rude words. That's a fact.

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Let me get this clear, I am expressing my opinion about the subject matter, specifically making some debatable assumptions and less or more using solid arguments to prove my point and get the message across, while you insult me with not so intuitive words, doubling with concern that I have no manners? Did I use profane language like you did? I am really sorry if this offended you personally or  it sounded like a rant, but it's my opinion and my support for the game developer, rather than anything. I guess freedom of speech does not include constructive criticism. Thanks for the kind words, but, it was not nice.

Edit: I did not put anyone's work down in the terms of saying their work is bad, I just think it needs more working than this game, how is that a bad thing? If this game need work as expressed by their opinion, I do the same thing and say their game needs more work. Again, I don't see an insult or personal attack, like you did, I am sorry.

Full disclosure before I start this, I am not part of this development team, neither I know anything about this project, but, what I've seen so far is much better, than you described it to be. 
First of all, character lights and environmental lights overlap, because it might be the issue with the modeling, including the fact that it's a trial version, did not bother me for a second.
The illumination on the flashlight is fine, I guess you are young enough not to know how those have worked in the past, most of the games put too much radar light on it, so it's brighter, when the true fact is that those types of flashlights had very dim lighting. 
Dialogue was alright, that "sister" part I think was either intentional, like a "dark joke" or might have been a grammar error, which is fine, because it's a TRIAL version, meaning they are still working on it. 
Dinosaur animation could be better, but literally less then 10% are making monster games nowadays, rather they focus on the jump scares and ghosts and zombies, meaning that this type of ambition is well to be praised.
Now, about the concept of the dinosaur and the whole "arctic/polar dinosaurs", if you have not read (I might assume you haven't so, that's why I am making this point) "The Dinosaurs Rediscovered: How a Scientific Revolution is Rewriting History" and "Dinosaurs Without Bones: Dinosaur Lives Revealed by Their Trace Fossils" by Anthony J. Martin, the studies suggest that the climate might have been warmer back in the day, meaning the feather theory might not have been correct as we all know the changes in the ecosystem of those with higher and much different metabolism, the inside body pressure creating certain heat might be irrelevant to the cold, in short (not to be super scientific) the raptors could have survived in this cold. Addition to that, there have been recent articles suggesting the existence of raptors in Alaska. 
And finally, this is just an imaginative, ambitious game, made by open minded, hard working people, who still need work and their project will be great success, but, I don't think nitpicking is a great feedback. But, that's my opinion.

TMI, your Pathogen-X game needs more work than this one to be honest. 

Remarkable!!! One of the best, if not the only best indie entries in this type of genre.

Super excited to see the finished project. I loved the first person looks, movements, overall the lore was interesting, intriguing details and environment was hitting that vibe of survival horror. The animations, particularly crouching and stealth was mad, the enemy AI incredible and fast paced. I was thrilled the whole way and the ending got me wondering about the full title. 

I won't start nitpicking about minor details, because this is a trial version and some bugs are expected. I wish there were more games like this. Overall, 10/10 for this time. Looking forward to seeing more. Good Luck!

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While playing this game I felt so immersed in the story, that I forgot it was a game. Beautiful and shocking environments, from the opening cinematic shots to the main title, all including the well-written story is highest quality. 

Gameplay mechanics and overall playing time is impressive, I loved the 3rd person view and detailed maps, overall pixelated look and striking colors. Some of the camera movement felt like I was in a movie, not a game. 

Including all of the above, this is pretty much AAA game rather than indie project. This specific Sci-Fi genre is implemented in the game, which makes it so unique and rather than being just a horror with cheap jump scares it shows the storytelling ability and makes a player feel like a 3 dimensional character. 

Can't say enough with words, thanks for making this experience special and I hope to see more. Incredible work!

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Without a doubt, the masterpiece of short horror!
Since the first time I saw your games being played I wondered to myself if I could ever do at least 1% of what you do and after many many games, including this one, I am pretty sure I can't, in a good way, because you can't copy or mimic natural greatness, that's not an over exaggeration.

The game is mind-bending for sure. The details and environments are very cozy, but on the other hand it feels like a creepy, claustrophobic place, filled with the horrors of routine life, which is I guess 2021 for some people. At some point, the main character does feel like a house, more of it's connected to it, the spaceship looking environment and doors leading to the abyss of the soul, might be the theme you are going for Vidas, but no matter the cause, horror is there and it hits super strong. After the end, I thought of many versions of the story, but I guess what makes it brilliant is the players imagination. 

Game mechanics and sound effects, plus textures are expected to be top notch, I would not expect your game and no mannequin involved.

Overall, excellent game, highly recommended and finally played it on my channel, even thou the graphics card did not pity me (TMI :D ). 

Thanks, hope to see more. 

Fantastic Game!
I can't describe simply with words what I've experienced. The game is well-made, original score, amazing sound effects, neat storytelling and voice acting, impressive overall, but mostly, I loved the monster design and the atmosphere of the place. Puzzles were alright, I did not manage to finish all, but, it's great. Keep Up the good work and would like to see more! Thanks for making this game!

Interesting, very intriguing plot and story, great mechanics and very neat atmosphere, job well-done...but. The game would shine is it was a downloadable file, maybe ZIP or RAR format, also, I think the keypad should be working when I go to the house, I can't pick it up and after I open the house door with the keys the text option where address is shown disappears. 
I guess, those are minor details that can be fixed, overall good game!

To be more clear, in the H.Q. residential house gam jam, your game is number 2 for me, it's literally that fantastic!!!

Finally!! Your Game!! The Legend!! The myth!!1 The masterpiece!! 
Now, let me start with saying that this entry in the Jam is Top 1 for me and it's just wonderful! This is very objective opinion, I love this game not because of my great passion to BGE, but there are many other reasons. First, voice acting, which is intentionally GREAT, second of all mechanics and style, so unique and soo done with hard work to fit the vibe. Retro style games are fun, I don't play most of them, but this one is not unique because of that feature only, it's because of the dungeon look a like adventure. 
And in the end, why is it the best? I've reviewed 26 games in this game jam and yours' is the only one with the idea of the H.Q. residential house to look like this, to have the REHQ feel to it, that's just master work, really. Very glad to see this game to play it, hope to see more of you soon and often! Good Luck!

I've been looking after this game since the Jam began, your updates and progress really shows what a perfectly entertaining game can be made. Objectively, this is in my top 3 games, definitely second best game in the entry. Loved all of it, art style, mechanics, story, visuals, music (woww, that music thou!!!).
Overall 10/10. FUN!

That's THICK!!!
Great Job on the game, loved this entry and hope to see more of you! 

I was looking forward to this game for so long, I watched some of the streams and your updates during the Jam and in the end I would say this is in the top 5, no doubt. 
I have played all of the games and this game is so unique, so immersive, so addictive, that it should be in top 5. I enjoyed in very much and I hope to see more from you. Great Work!

Surprise, surprise!!!
What a game! This might be the most amazing multiplayer game with the use of this asset since Phasmaphobia and I am not saying less. You should be proud. Work on this game more and you might have a huge success. Good!

Very odd game, in a good way. It's kind of a lucid dream, but it also has that surreal context behind it, amazing! Loved it!

So, soo good! I could not keep my eyes of the screen, it is so unique and visually impressive. Great Work!  

Fun and addictive! Good Job!

The game was rock solid!
I was curious about the third person view and it took me by surprise, with great animation, movement and everything. Game itself is really cool and visually fine. Great Work!

Fun game! Interesting plot, unique design and overall pretty good. 

And Finally I got to play your game, which is SUPER adorable and SUPER fantastic!!! I was looking forward to this entry and it did not disappoint. Great work with assets, gameplay, materials and all. 10/10 for sure!

The sound is so amazing, very calming, super charged with ambition, warmth and of course suits the game perfectly. The esthetic and writing style is not my favorite but in this case, for this type of experience I allowed myself to be lost in the game! Really, I can't say more with words, this game is one of the best in the entries. Well done!

What a game! Absolutely gorgeous and the art style, very pleasing in a way. Great Work!

Well Done! Keep up the good work!

The game reminded me a lot of home invader games, like Scrutinized and Welcome to the game, the difference is, your game is amazing, I truly enjoyed the use of the house and story. Good Work!

This game was Manor success (cringe pun, I know)!
Really loved it, great work! 

Wow! This was epic! Good Work, loved the game!

Design and gameplay all amazing! 

Very Unique. I enjoyed the game very much, won't be spoiling it for anyone, definitely one of the best entries. Love it!

Great idea. Neat looking graphics and creepy atmosphere, but please fix the sensitivity settings, it's way off. The game loaded and the cursor started making errors. The rest if fine, only that little issue. 
Good Job!

Fantastic Game!
Loved the pixelated art design, sound effects and environment was very immersive, the creepy part, where the statue disappears was neat, but little short. Notes gave a more understanding to the story, which is great. Ending was top notch. 
Overall, great game! Hope to see more!


Amazing Atmosphere.
The game is very good at creating the environment where you have to do a task, which I won't spoil. I guess, the reason why it's limited with story is because it was made in 1 day. That's what I respect. 
Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to it. I enjoy your games a lot. Hope to see it soon!