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Definitely a great experience! 

Mostly, I did enjoy the driving. It was simple and realistic. I wish the game was just that. Although, my intrigue grew more after the ending, as there was no direct story and the player was left wondering about what happened. Neat design. 

One minor complaint would be fixing the sensitivity or having the option for it, because it was too much for me personally. Other than that, solid good.

Best of luck with the future developments! 

Fun, short experience! 

For your first game, I really dig the vibe. The atmosphere felt creepy and omnious. It felt fresh, yet at the same time simple and generic, but that's what your first game should look like. 

My personal suggestions would be improving the AI and music choices. I do understand, that Copper Cube 6 can't support great AI, because I've been using it for almost 3 years now and still no progress, but you can always try. 

Good game mate. Best of luck with the future developments. 

This game has a pug! It already checks the "Best game of the Year" with me personally!  Such a blast! 

I truly enjoyed the experience. The story was intriguing and the atmosphere was super immersive. Most of my time and attention was dedicated to the dog, but I never let my guard down, until I found that the game had no check point and starting from the top was just not right. 

As I said, the game has a true quality to it. Well done with this one. Just fixing or/and adding the checkpoint system would be nice. 

Best to you and your future developments. Cheers!

Such a simple and clever game and it also managed to scare me good. Brilliant work. 

Everything in the game was top notch. I was more surprised when I saw that the game was a Jam project. It is not easy to make a working title nowadays, not to say a full, fun experience. Cheers to you friend!

One thing I admire and respect in a person is the willingness to understand and show support towards the other person or any living being. For that, not only do you have my respect, but also my attention. 

As I said in my original comment, the game was fantastic. I mention at the start that I have played the game, but was not fully able to find the ending, just watched someone else's gameplay. Experiencing it in a more different perspective had me going crazy. I loved this very much Daniel. You are a good developer and what's important is that you are an attentive person. Cheers to you! Hope you enjoy my silly playthrough.

Thanks for considering my feedback. The game is truly awesome and those things I mentioned are just minor details. The overall quality stays the same - superb. Good luck mate! 

Superbly detailed and immersive gameplay, yet with the minor missteps along the way, which contributes to a little irritation. 

First of all, the game is really good. The atmosphere is decent. The sound design and visuals are spot on, creating a more claustrophobic feel and at the same time having the massive void makes the player wonder and be scared. I loved the ship's design and color grading. Although, the gameplay is definitely not user friendly. 

I always encourage developers to get more creative and find ways to immerse the player, but not at the cost of making them bored or irritated. I got really frustrated with the controls and manual. I will turn a blind eye to the "middle mouse" zooming mistake, which took me 5-10 minutes and once I got it right, I was already tired. It was a single control setting, which was not in the game nor on the page. That's fine, you can fix it easily. The mechanics thou, then need a better approach. I would suggest to make the controls simple or use the navigation system to teach the player how to maneuver the space craft, step by step, like most games do. Throwing everything from the beginning might be off putting for some, including me. I do understand the premise and your intention, but it might not apply to most players. 

With that said, I really want to see a longer version of the game or at least easier configuration so I can get to those crystals. Amazing job on the game developer. Best of luck with the future projects. Cheers! 


Very conflicting experience. On the other hand you have worked hard on the game, making it vastly different from anything I've seen before and the fascination for it is behind truly creepy atmosphere. Yet, the subject matter is somewhat sensitive and I fully understand the "free choice" of making the game, publishing it for others to be shared and played, but still it is a story, which should not really be showcased in a way like this, rather more conventional and educational way.

From the start, I could easily figure out the concept - trapped girl, the basement, too many movies and messed up reality to be part of nowadays. Although, still to the end I was hoping it would take more "ambiguous" approach, until the credits scene, which directly tells the audience what was going on. 

The game is superb. The sound design, mechanics, atmosphere, the diary and the dreams - perfectly executed. I felt eerie even playing the inside game, where the single dot was trying to escape many dots. Weirdly, I know it is not part of the game, but it felt like the main character was also chased by "ideas" like in that game, trying to dodge the fear and impulses telling the truth to them. Very sad. 

As I already mentioned, the quality of this project is fantastic. My personal attitude towards developers, who want to deal with serious themes like mental illness, wars, abuse, it still stays the same, but for this game I made an exception and there are many other great games too.

Best of luck with the future developments and hope to see another installment from you soon, maybe less dark, less serious and more towards the scary side, rather then creepy and edgy, although, as I said 3 times already I liked the game for what it was. 


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Interesting premise and sublime atmosphere - this has a great potential, yet I've already encountered some immersion breaking bugs, which I hope will be fixed. 

The menu is awesome. Sound design, voice acting and animations are great. Unfortunately, once you enter the building the game started glitching. First of all, the collision system needs to be worked on. Some objects go through walls, snap to grid on the ground and some even just stay at one place. The middle mouse button for grabbing is rather uncomfortable and it is quite uneasy. Not to say the screen flashes every other minute (I have no idea if that's the mechanic of the game, just giving an objective feedback). Adding to the list - the mouse goes off the screen (I should point out that I am not using a recording software on the game, just wanted to try out how it was working overall). 

All the things about are just minor issues and details that can be fixed, of course. Good luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

P.S.  (edited) I forgot about the crosshair problem - once I interacted with some object in the game it disappeared completely.  I also wonder what was the "Among Us" reference connected to? Is there something in the game, which leads to some kind of revelation or is it there for no reason? 

Decent game with creepy atmosphere and well created environment. 

I enjoyed the story a lot. There were some details, which felt unnecessary and the entire "campy" side of the game did not work for me, but that's just subjective. The sound design was great. I liked the mechanics, the interactions were user friendly and as I said overall it was a good experience. Definitely worth the time. 

Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

The premise of the game intrigued me a lot, considering that I have played your other games I gave this one a shot and it did well for a while. 

The game's structure is simple. The creepy vibe is definitely there. I liked the puzzle solving element to the game, but after that it was just a very long chase sequence. That would not hurt the overall quality, until I encountered a bug - got stuck right in the middle of the corridor. FYI, I did play the game off screen and had to deal with the same issue. Clearly it only happened to me, because I saw other people paying it too, so maybe it was my fault.

Still, I expected a bit more from the game. That does not discredit the overall quality thou. It was solid good. 

Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

Good game. I mostly enjoyed the experience and the atmosphere was definitely on point. Although, the big immersion breaking factor was the lag and constant frame drops in the game, so much that it crashed multiple times. 

The project definitely has a potential and hope it gets updated in the future. Best of luck with the development. Cheers! 

What a wonderful and kind feedback Aaron. Thank you so much. I really appreciate honest opinion, especially coming from a guy, who I am looking up to and always trying to mimic, more or less in a good way. 

The idea and the script is not fully mine. As mentioned, it was a collab work with my friend and some of the visuals are his imaginative work. It was nice to hear from you and I truly can't wait to see your own new game soon. 

Cheers mate!

Phenomenal story and ending, although the bizarre skylines effect does too much and blows my curiosity out of the water. 

Personally, I understood the intention. I've had played a similar game in 2022, which tackled the themes of therapy and hallucinations, yet that game did the trick with more subtlety and progression. This one just throws you straight into the disoriented environment and even thou it is creepy, it is well done, still, made me uncomfortable and not in a good way. I think you just have to consider that and maybe reduce the effect, which would definitely improve the immersion. 

Other than that, there was a minor issue with collision and nothing else. Sound design, ambience - top notch. 

I really like your games and hope you can do better Daniel. Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

Incredible job on the game! This was a truly haunting and dramatic experience! 

The game is very simple. There are no jump scares, no sudden monster or other AI encounters, but the depth of the game goes beyond its premise. One of the best games I've seen published, so far. The movement, the radio and the atmosphere felt real. The environment was so well done. I would assume it took a while to build the city. Towards the end, the twist felt sad too. 

Great work overall. Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

Interesting premise with solid creepy visuals and creepy atmosphere, although poor execution and in desperate need of update.

From what I've read on the game's page, there is going to be a series or continuation for the game. First of all, it would be better to completely remove the weirdest FPS head movement I've ever experienced in the game. It is rather uncomfortable and unnecessary. The environment is already doing the job and making an immersive experience - head tilting took me off the game. Second of all, the interaction - I had a hard time interacting with multiple objects and numerous times I had to do certain interaction in a specific sequence, for example - I could not pick up milk after I picked up Chips and food, so that was another primary issue. 

Other than what is listed above, the game has a potential. I think fixing those minor details would vastly improve the attention and enjoyment for the game. 

Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

Brilliant short experience!

The atmosphere of the game is superb. I loved the character movement and animations. It was everything I expected judging from the screenshots, although I had a blast of a surprise in the end. Definitely worth checking out. 

Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

And, a little side note about the asset you used - most developers are using assets publicly available on the indie market. I don't think anyone would associate your game with others. The market is not that big, so, one way or another we all use same asset packs and environments, lol. The point is that you found a great use of it - good job! 

Cheers mate!
I do hope my small support helps you 😎. I will make sure to share the game, for sure. Good luck with the new project ✌

Amazing playthrough! I loved it a lot. Your interest in the library truly made me appreciate the game more. You were very kind with the feedback and I will try to improve the lore with the future games, for sure. Best to you. Cheers 🎇

Absolutely brilliant! I would say that the game being free is a crime. Loved it! 

Since the earlier projects you had, I was interested in the storytelling, which your games provided. This game in particular has it all - superb atmosphere, fantastic voice acting, eerie sound design and immersive gameplay. All I can say is that the game truly deserves to be in the top of the list on any site.  

Best of luck with the future developments Conner. Cheers!  

Shockingly good! 

I was pleasantly surprised by the game and its pacing, although I did not expect it to be dark. This game took my expectations and threw it out of the window - solid, 10/10 brilliance of a game! Loved it! 

I did play some of it off screen and it was more fun. Hope this becomes popular on the site, because it deserves attention. Great execution! 

Best of luck with the future developments! Cheers! 

FYI, the legend himself, CJU games has played your project, so, congrats on that too. He is a long time YouTuber and that's cool. Good luck ✌🏻

What a game! Fantastic! Loved every minute of it. 

The atmosphere in this game is solid. I liked the creepy monsters and the environment, which was a superb homage to Resident Evil mansion - perfect clone. I enjoyed the story, which was not deep, but immersive enough to elevate the gameplay. The mechanics were easy to handle and the art style - exactly what I expected. 

Although, there were some frame rate issues and collision issues, especially with the case, but overall, great game. I also did not enjoy the ghostly figure. I did not know what to do exactly and it cornered me multiple times. Maybe for the update you can fix it or just remove it all at once. The anticipation of monsters were more eerie than the ghostly figurine. 

Best of luck with the future developments Med. Cheers! 

The video was fun to watch. It was so quite and I could actually immerse in the atmosphere and really feel how my project turned out to be. Thanks for that Koolie. I always try to improve with my games, adding some improvements, so yeah, will do better next time. 
Best to you friend, cheers 🎇

Definitely neat concept, but you got to optimize the game or use some other engine. 

I can relate to your situation, because I used to work with Blender and I did made couple of games using BGE, now that was the older version, which your project is made in too, the 2.79 one. Unfortunately, for now, the engine is very unstable and there are more options. My personal suggestion would be Copper Cube 6, which is free and you can easily make any game without coding or any advanced experience. 

Once again, the room and the sound design in your project is neat, you definitely have the potential, but you really need to switch BGE. Good luck in the future. Cheers! 

One of the best and most hilarious videos I've seen, especially the edits and commentary - solid gold man! Thanks once again for playing my game. I appreciate your feedback and support by purchasing my project. Best to ya, hope to see you around. Cheers 🎇

Truly bizarre and though provoking game! 

From the slight glimpse, the game seems to have a generic idea - experimental drug, playing as a character stuck in a room, nothing special you might think, but what is beyond the experiment? Questions like this elevate the quality of the game at the highest level.  

I genuinely enjoyed the game. It was not scary. It did not have cheap jump scares. The story was focused, plain and direct, but once again, I wondered a lot while going through mazes and trying to complete the levels for what? Brilliant! Great job on the game and I do wish to see more from this, maybe part 2 or an update. 

Best of luck with the future developments Specium. Cheers! 

Thanks for playing my game. I have watched the video and got all the feedback I needed. Left a short explanatory comment and I do agree with you about most of the game's critique. It was fresh to see someone give a different look at the game. Wish you the best mate. Cheers 🎇

Just straight up eerie and awesome mate 🎇

One of the best games, I've played for a while. It was engaging, eerie, immersive and left me with wanting more. Can't express enough emotions and positivity about this. Definitely recommending to all and what a portfolio too - other games are amazing as well. 

Absolutely no issues with the game. Sound design and atmosphere was top notch. The movement and camera work felt as if I was in the movie. The retro style and environmental design helped with the quality. Perfect indeed. 

Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers! 

Shocking, intense and thrilling experience - definitely 100% of what I wanted this game to be! 

I stumbled across the game couple of days ago and had it saved to play. I did not expect this much of quality to be honest. The game surprised me in many ways, starting from the first 5 minutes.

The atmosphere is fantastic. I was on the edge once I realize the treat was very real to the character and small puzzles elevated the overall feel to the game. Sound design and visuals were superb. Nothing but good things to say about it. 

Best of luck with the future developments Triple Dev! Cheers! 

You are super kind man! Thanks for playing my game and I do appreciate the feedback, the showcase of my project and overall everything. Your video really made my day. I do apologize about the recorder issues, I am not sure why did it happen. Maybe next game can be recorded better, Idk lol. Once again, glad you enjoyed the experience. Best to you 🎉

Once again, your support means a lot. Thanks for the playthrough and amazing feedback. I will definitely consider many details you mentioned for the next game. I am super glad you enjoyed the game. Cheers 🎇

Fantastic video! Huge thanks once again for trying out my game. Can't wait to see more videos from you. Glad you enjoyed the game overall. Cheers 🎇

Huge thanks once again for trying out my game. I am glad you enjoyed it and found the second ending. Hope to see more content from you and cheers 🎇

Oh wow! That means so much. Thank you! Please next time I want to give it for free so, next game if it is not free, contact me for the code. Cheers mate! 

Lmao, that was hilarious 😅😅😅

Thanks for playing yet another game, I really appreciate the support. It is weird, because I wrote to you recently, 5 days ago about "Shunned" and the comment is gone now. Point is, I was trying to reach you about my newest game "Shelved Whispers" and I thought maybe we could get in touch via email or discord so I could give you a free copy. 

Just think about it, no pressure. Cheers!

Thank you so very much man! Thanks for supporting me and writing positive feedback. Your games are superb compare to this and I hope maybe we can work something out together, one day. But before that happens, lets enjoy the time spent lol. Cheers 🎇

Fantastic video! I loved every minute of it, especially the hilarious part with the missing cobweb. Once again, super appreciate the feedback and the support. Cheers 🍻

The game has an interesting premise and story, yet it has some minor issues, which can easily be fixed. 

First of all. the game has unique setting and good sound design. The story is immersive and it has more depth, especially with the second ending, it showcased more detail for the main character. Mechanics are simple and user friendly, nothing complicated.

Now, with that said, the game has issues. Starting with the overlay - chromatic aberration like screen make it uncomfortable to see and move. The collision in the game is irritating and at times I got stuck within the doors. My frustration also increased once I found out about the platforming in the second ending - that needs to be worked out, please. I am not able to reach the jumping point no matter how hard I try and trust me, I have played numerous platformers - this just needs a good fix. Addition to all the problems above, I think you should put the controls option in the game or at least write it on the game's page. Again, those are just things that can be fixed with 1 single update. 

Overall, the game is good. Best of luck with the future developments and hope to see progress. Cheers!