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A true, masterfully crafted triumph of horror! 

This game took away literal 4 hours of my life and I never regretted downloading this masterpiece, on the contrary - I was very disappointed when it ended. 

Starting from the gameplay, the project is very simple, nothing overwhelming or troubling with the controls. Most of all, the unique design of movements and puzzle solving, which felt a bit off first time, but then I truly immersed in the game, thanks a lot to visuals and story. 

Visuals - some people might say this was an okay style to go with, but the attention to detail, the notes, the environment around the ominous playground and texturing - solid 10. 

The rest is just indescribable odyssey for me. This is for sure on my top 1 list of best horror, this year. Bravo! 

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Funny, weird and oddly satisfying! 
This was one of those games, which did not took itself seriously and the overall positive message was perfect to me. 
Great Job developer! 
Edit: I enjoyed the duck design 😁👌

Thanks for checking out the game and giving it your time 💌

Glad to see fellow Copper Cube 6 user. I love the FPS used with this project. Although, I checked out the ccb file itself and the attached animated joint seemed a bit wobbly. Nevertheless, this was great. Can't wait to see an FPS game with this, by you. Cheers! 

Oi. Escute, eu tenho canal no YouTube, onde faço atualizações. Se você está interessado em meus novos jogos, eles levam tempo para serem feitos. Eu tenho um trabalho real e fazer jogos é apenas um hobby. Não posso prometer fazer novos jogos todos os dias, mas faço-os pelo menos uma vez por mês. Obrigado pelo comentário.

Thanks a lot friend. Great playthrough 💌

Pure Fun! Joy! And for the most part - fantastic game. 
I loved the creativity and the effort, which showcased the product brilliantly. Cheers!


Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed the game 💌💌💌

Thanks for playing man! Great video 💌

This was a decent experience, I really liked the game. Especially, if this is your first game, everything looked good, the jump scare got me first time and atmosphere was well-put. 
Good Job and congrats on your first game 👏

We have an excellent game at our hands! 

Visually, this was raw and creepy. The atmosphere was impressive, the monster chase sequence and the numbers, which I forgot many, many times. Everything was amazing Mike! Great Job! 

For a short horror experience, this one did perfectly! 

Although, I have to ask, was the VHS overlay selective from menu? Because it did not show up for me. 

Phenomenal game!

The chase sequence was intense. First meeting with the antagonist was done perfectly! I loved every second of this game, the AI, the sound design, environment and every single thing was amazing. Great Job Gabriel! 

I literally coughed during the gameplay video, because I was so tensed and gasping for air, this was ABSOLUTE 100% immersive and scary! 

The best qualities of the game are...EVERYTHING! I had no issue with the game, frame rate was fantastic, scaling, visuals, no lagging, absolutely brilliant and immersive.

I have actually seen both sharks and dolphins in real life and I could say that the movement of the sharks was great. (Just want to point out, that below someone wrote that the movement was like "dolphins" and no offense to them, but they clearly have not seen sharks in real life). 

Can't wait for another masterpiece! Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏

You can clearly see how much joy, anxiety and just pure rush of excitement I got. All this, because of how amazing you are. Cheers! 💌

What a game! WHAT A GAME!!!

I can hardly breathe, because the tension in this game, the fun, the atmosphere is so upbeat, it is fast, it is brutal and just what I want from an FPS horror game - you developer did work worth of every reward there is! 

From sound design to the immersive environment, the gun mechanics, the creatures, the stylized visuals - every single thing in this game screams gold, high quality and brilliancy.

I loved your games Azaxor, I love what you do with the horror genre and specifically how you make claustrophobic environments seem more tense and exciting. I will be definitely playing this today, all day. Bravo, Bravo 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇👏👏👏👏👏

Loved the playthrough and feel honored to be part of your video. Thanks man! 💌

Deeply appreciate your time, amazing video and I do hope you enjoyed the game ✌

Huge thanks for checking out my game. I was delighted by your commentary. I will look into the lag for sure. Appreciate the feedback 💌

Thanks for playing, I do appreciate the feedback and support. Cheers! 💌

Very simple, interesting, I was fully immersed in the story and can't wait for the full release. Wish you all the best developers. 


Well, silly me lol. I did not pay attention.
Your game is a blast 💌

Thanks a lot! Appreciate the feedback. 

Thank you. I think you are live now and I am watching the stream. I don't have the account, sorry, but wish you the best for supporting the game. Cheers man! 

Thanks for playing 💌! 

Action packed! Visceral! Visually Stunning! But Please make checkpoints ✌! 

The game was bloody amazing! I was fascinated mostly by visuals, although the sound design, the ambience, the atmosphere, all was excellent and worthy of a praise. This game deserves the best of recognition. 

Great work lads! Cheers! 

Spooky game!
I liked this one. The first scene and the jump scare scene was great. The spider sequence and the "Backrooms" design - good. 

Thank you for making this. It was perfect. I know some people might "complain" about walking and sensitivity, but as a long time developer, a huge horror fan - it's amazing! If someone plays the game for a rush, I would recommend "Sonic" for them. Horror games and atmospheric projects are supposed to be an experience. You did great.  

Thanks a lot, really appreciate the feedback 💌

Per your request, developer, I have played your game and have to say, the voice acting - loved it. The game is truly creepy and the ambience makes it work for me. The level design is original, the mechanics are decent, everything looks fantastic. Couple of my personal suggestions would be to improve mouse sensitivity, which did not work for me most of the time, the interaction and sound design in the tutorial can be more polished. The rest is amazing! Good luck with the game 💌

The game is really fun to play. Especially the interaction, very in depth and detailed, although it needs a fix, because the object in the game fall through the floor, which breaks the immersion. 

Otherwise, neat design, cute bunny and good game. 

Absolutely Brilliant! I can't describe this with enough words! Superb and tense! Fantastic Job! 

Loved the demo! 
I guess there are other things I could possibly do in the game, but somehow my mind did not come up with them, but overall, the style, unique mechanics, story, pacing, the game itself - great. Wish you all the best with the future updates and final product! 

Your video was so chill and fantastic, I definitely subbed to the channel, it's brilliant! Thanks for playing this mate, wish you all the best!

Yes. I am grateful to have subscribers and followers on the game's page. Thanks to them all and thanks to you for being interested 😊

Glad you see you back Max. I tried downloading the game, but it did not let me, because of the virus treat. 

I would be also glad if you could check out my game "Shunned" and give some feedback on it, you know, it would mean a lot. Thanks. 

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I reported this game. 
Not to say it has copyrighted music, the trailer for the video was published weeks ago. No information on the page besides the game and when I tried to download the game it showed harmful malware.
Edit: Warning for those who are curious. This is my experience. Hope the game is legit and I am wrong.

Thanks a lot for playing this mate! Appreciate the feedback. I will try to make the next one a bit longer. Cheers!