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Hello! I think there is an issue with your PC here as there might be a minimum GPU requirement to run this game.

Can you give me your specs?

From the look of the picture, the download must've been corrupted. Try redownloading through another browser/use the app.

Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words Niven, it’s my pleasure!

Hello! Not sure why this happens, try downloading in edge. You’re supposed to extract the files to any location and run the executable in it,  so this shouldn’t be happening.

Thank you for playing! I really enjoyed your video!

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I think it's an issue on your end, I just downloaded the 1.1 ver from and tested it out with no issues.

What are your system specs? Are you using Windows 11?

One second, let me check it out.

Thank you! 

Hope you stick around for my future projects!

Thank you for the feedback! 

I'll def keep this in mind for my next project, I had a more narrative and linear experience in mind for this one but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hope you stick around for my future projects!

Thank you for playing the game, Enjoyed the video! 

Thank you for playing the game, much appreciated!


At the moment I don't have any plans to include support for other languages in the game, but I'll definitely keep your services in mind for my next project.

Thank you for the offer! 

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!

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Hey, Niven!

This was my first complete project with a full story, so it did have a few issues in the writing and story department so I'll certainly keep the feedback in mind! 

I'd originally planned quite a few mechanics but abandoned some concepts due to the increasing complexity of the project. I'll def keep this in mind for my next project.

Thank you for the feedback once again, appreciate it!

Beautiful Story, Loved the game. 10/10

Ah I see, thanks!

Hey, your twitter acc is not available? Any way of contacting you? has no DM's so I can't contact you here.

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Extremely beautiful. Would pay for such work if I can but I can't damn.

PS: What's the font used here in this page btw?

Ahh, thanks a lot! been a great help.

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Ah okay, thank you. Please update at your earliest, when you can.

PS: Bought it! Great Pack!

Ah okay so demo will be included, but not the road and environment sprites?

Hey there, just wanted to ask what about the road? Are the environment sprites included?