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I'm really impressed you were able to finish this game all by yourself! It's a great concept that uses the theme perfectly, and I really like how you did the level design and the way you kept introducing elements. The aesthetics definetly match the theme (even if I could nitpick about the font) and the music and SFX are serviceable (specially considering you seem to have sought them out yourself!)

However, I really think it could have used better balancing. It's a tad unnacessible if you don't have a proper mouse and, worst offense of all, the hitboxes of the poles / the death walls are REALLY unreasonable. It's fine to want a difficult game, but you have to make sure the difficulty seems fair. Also, compounding to the fact, the respawn screens shines a big, bright, white light that really hurts my eyes and the respawn is slow enough that it frustrates me quite a bit to lose. Loss in a difficult game needs to mean "Allright, I'll do better next time", not "Oh goddamnit I'll have to try again"

Overall, though, I think it was executed masterfully and balancing and polish is literally the last thing you should worry about. T'was pretty good! <3 My advice for next time is to playtest it ASAP, IE, make a playable prototype as fast as you can and send it to as many people as you can. It's honestly a general advice for every single jam AND game out there, but it really helps when the game reaches the final portions of its life