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I liked this one, definitely challenging but rather well-made and executed. Having no direct control over when you shoot is an interesting choice.

The aesthetics of the game are pretty nice as well.

A few notes:
1. I do wish there was actually a bit more of a delay on when you start shooting after absorbing bullets (either that, or faster aiming), as your first shots almost always completely miss because you can't rotate your shield around quickly enough. 

2. I think your recommendation of using a gamepad is actually kinda misleading, as I find it far harder to pull off the precise aim needed with a joystick than with a mouse.

3. Some visual indicator for when your shots are about to fire would also be nice (ex. the shooting portal visibly charging up), but it's certainly playable without it.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We have struggled a bit with the balance between shooting and rotating (also when it comes to gamepad vs mouse control ), so we certainly agree that the game requires some extra tweaking :)