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Thanks for the comment! The tedium was definitely intentional with the ammo (hence the distance from the canon), but I may have kind of balanced it to be too often to make up for missing mechanics. A full playthrough to wave 10 consists of 90% loading ammo. The other mechanic that was initially planned was to have to repair the towers as well, but didn't have time to implement. I was also planning to add in-tower combat if I had time. I'll probably remake this and continue the idea, so stay tuned! :)


I also realized this game is drawing some similarities to these 2 games:

  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
  • Regular Human Basketball

It would be cool for your game to take some cues from those. Like imagine if yours was local co-op, like lovers? or if there was a bunch of "spinning plates" to maintain with limited resources.

Anyway, cheers!

Oh yeah, I can see the similarities. In the context of those two games, I was aiming more towards Lovers. Unfortunately, pico8 doesn't support multiplayer, and only has a 128x128 display, so options will be limited unless I remake it in another engine. The goal was less "reloading simulator 2018" and more trying to mash resource and time management at multiple nodes (plate spinning) in to a hectic race, face paced to kill all of the creeps. Just fell short due to time. (first time with pico8 and lua, first game jam. lol)

Thanks again!