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I downloaded this game, as part of a bigger way of testing the value of's Gamepad (Any) input category.

This game does a nice job of supporting Xbox 360 controllers, and it even adjusts its button images around it.

Unfortunately, if you plug in some other kind of controller, the game will still see it, and try to impose a control scheme on it, which is a clumsy process to get around.

I don't have any problem with games having built-in controller support, per se, but with this game, there's no way to disable the built-in controller detection code. I would've preferred the game to not include any controller-recognition functionality, because that would've actually made it MUCH more controller-compatible, given that controller profilers do exist.

thank you for your comment i will take note about it

I had no luck with the game supporting a gamepad on Android the game pad was 8bitdo sn30 pro+ controller

All of my tests are done on a PC. This game will take any controller it recognizes, and try to attach its moves (not only) to Xbox controllers, but also any controller, based on generic notations (like POV, Axis, Button 1, Button 2, etc). I don't necessarily mind these impositions per se, but, if I can't disable this automatic recognition, I have a problem with that.
Traditionally, PC games would have separate Keyboard and Joystick modes. If this game had that, you could use the Keyboard mode, and then create a controller profile (with something like JoyToKey) and get total control over your controller layout, down to the last button. This would work for even REALLY weird controllers, like racing wheels and flight sticks.