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Hi. Glad to hear that the workaround... worked. About the screen size issue.... the minimum resolution that the game runs at is 1024x600, and it is also the default resolution. Unless your monitor has a really high resolution, I'm not sure what's up. Have you been able to go into settings and pick a higher video resolution setting and press the tick button to adjust it? Failing that, are you able to go into FXDcustomise.ini and set window width to "1600" and height to "900", or "1920" and "1080" for example? It seems very unusual. Does your monitor have a very high resolution compared to the physical screen size, like a 13" 1440p display? I'm really baffled.

I'm using a 2107 Microsoft Surface Pro i5. Its running at the standard (recommended) resolution - 2736 x 1824. I didn't realize that it was that high. That should explain the small window size. 

Cool, thanks for getting back to me.... blimey, that's a high resolution! All I can suggest is setting the resolution to the highest I've tested it at, which is 1920 x 1200.