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Edit: found bug... no idea why but the bug menu showed up and cant take it away and it makes everything crash, there was the 'manage club' book lol

how you get more into the club? only the leader is in but she wont allow you to boss her around and get more people into the club and shes the only option, kept trying this but even after a game of like 50+ days of joining the club, shes still the only one and still only have no income to get anything, no idea what to do with it and no idea what did wrong so any help on this?

the version is mean to be 925 but the menu says 953...

Open the diary in the inventory and follow it. Otherwise, you will spend several in-game months, and nothing will happen. 

The error with the version is just a typo.

tried that but seem the club page just doesn't want to do anything lol

will try again later though XD