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This is a really cool concept, it definitely makes you a bit disorientated and leaves you feeling like you really are having to carefully explore. Unfortunately it took me 3 attempts to actually play the game. I was trying to scan around, or check my power level and was met with 'invalid command.' I only got somewhere when looking at the pictures with the game that let me know 'interface x' was a command.

 I have just realised (while writing this) that you can look in the txt.files document and read stuff, including a very good and clear explanation of the commands. If this had been more clear I would have found it more enjoyable. I am going to play again with this in mind. (Please add the fact that you can get info in the txt files to the readme)

Ok, so, now that I have played the game the way it was intended instead of bumbling about like an idiot... It's a good game. I made it out alive (got the radio and the password). It's not very long, but the fact that the room changes each time gives it some replayability. I enjoyed it once I was able to get into it, and the story was interesting. I think it needs a bigger hit that the man file contains the actual commands (although this might have just been me being stupid) and I think it needs a small space between the edge of the screen and the text, it would make it easier to read. Otherwise an enjoyable game