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Flash is so last decade.

(Ignoring the glib comment, I would have rated this game if it was playable by me however I do not, and do not intend to get flash working in my browsers)

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woops, I just did that because Flash was the quickest and simplest export option in the framework. However as of right now, uploading new builds is disabled due to the jam voting, I'll try to get in contact with Mark Brown to see if I'm allowed to upload an HTML5 version!


From his comments in the discord (about sticking to the rules because people will complain no matter how he does it) I wouldn't count on it.

Yeah I just read some stuff, it's understandable that it's closed off, even if it's for minor stuff like adding support for other platforms. Ah well, at least after the jam I'll upload all the fancy new builds and whatnot (if i dont get lazy)