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I tried this game for half an hour. The premise, as I understood it, was to make a text game with no "look" command. Which is actually a pretty clever idea. I had never realized how crucial scenery descriptions were for this kind of game. 

The writing at least intrigued me enough to try to progress. The first four or five playthroughs I found the door and then immediately died. At first I thought I was going crazy because the door was moving, but then I realized that the room was randomly laid out each time. So my attempts to map it were foiled. This is actually also a kind of interesting idea because it forces you to actally explore on each attempt rather than just plug in the same commands each time.

The problem is when this is combined with the power mechanic. I could usually find ether the radio code or the radio before I froze to death, but never both. Once I got the hang of the game it was basically pure luck on whether I found all the pieces with enough power to combine them.

One of these mechanics needs to go, but I give the dev credit for trying to combine lots of things in the game. Better to have too much than too little. I want to give credit because I found it oddly compelling and immersive to bump around in the dark.

Honestly if this game had sound to give some atmosphere and maybe some environmental clues I think it could be a legitimately fascinating text game.

Thanks a lot! I didn't have time to playtest this, so I might have caught the power thing if i had more time.

By the way, there is a power source in the hangar somewhere. You can interface with it to get some more power. (Just don't overload your batteries...)