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Wonderful rainy neon world with nice music, thanks. But weird mix people and styles, e.g salsa dancing girls and rock guitarist, or cops in classic uniform and robot cops. Shooting drones is funny, taken by train or jump from Grand hotel balcony is scary :D I hope that will come minimap (maybe in tablet), voices (just mumbling) maybe better hints (or actual task instructions)... and support gamepad control. The most bugs is funny, some is frustrating but luckily a load last checkpoint will solved its.

PS: Driving my car after ending is very schizophrenic.

Why is the game loaded already at 30% progress? I ran it on i5 3570k, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 970, Win10

Voice acting was in the plans before, but I dont have the financial background for a good one. Probably that part wont missing in my next game, but thats a far future (more than 1 year) couse now I'm already in a new game project with 3 fellow devs.

Am, the compass arrow is not perfect I know now. That would be much better with 360deg  rounding around the display's edge. But the whole idea was to make a really clear almost non-gui game. without any text or gui element on the screen.

And Yeah, the loading bar is faked, because the Unity's loading prediction is catastrophic. So I calced an avarge loading time on the test machines and that is the 100% now. I hope Unity  will fix this in the future.

Thank you for playing NeonCode :)