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Wow, really scary and nice atmosphere! Amazing light effects and cute animation. Will you continue in development?

Simple nice game. It will be compiled for Android? ...because better finger than mouse controll.

Really nice game, maybe rogue-lite. I think the game idea is related to Eatvolve

Nice effect! This could also be used to fold origami :D

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Hi. really funny simple game with good gameplay. But I found bug: I can bring two boxes from warehouse (at the same time). That's OK but one of them cannot unboxing. Doesn't matter.

WOW, now I finish the game! That's crazy, I thought it will be random generated for infinite time (I would like to see analog clock on the wall at warehouse and showed score as an hourly wage). Or you can add more levels and stuff, one level = one working day at another warehouse (with different geometry). IMHO this game has great potential.

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Wonderful rainy neon world with nice music, thanks. But weird mix people and styles, e.g salsa dancing girls and rock guitarist, or cops in classic uniform and robot cops. Shooting drones is funny, taken by train or jump from Grand hotel balcony is scary :D I hope that will come minimap (maybe in tablet), voices (just mumbling) maybe better hints (or actual task instructions)... and support gamepad control. The most bugs is funny, some is frustrating but luckily a load last checkpoint will solved its.

PS: Driving my car after ending is very schizophrenic.

Why is the game loaded already at 30% progress? I ran it on i5 3570k, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 970, Win10