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 not much happens...wait he has legs and is sleeping...he is sleeping...there is a's gone...he ate some food...sleep...the screen is white (daytime) the icons are (food)(night/day)(?)(drink)(poop)(love)(frck you)(hangout)?...he does not like that finger in his ass...toilet paper is accompanied by a wave it long should he sleep?  would this be better on a watch?  maybe there IS a reason to get an Apple watch hahahaha.  This deserves it's own little computer and screen.  Does he die?  My 8 year old likes it.  I do too...oh, the third icon is a hand...hmmmm....paper/scissors/rock...nice, he smiled

Looks cute.  Screen is the size of a euro coin (windows 10/5k dell). 

For a bigger screen size, press F1.

That didn't work for me

Are you on Windows? If so we made an update, should be fine if you re-download the emulator.

Thanks for the update.  It works fine on Windows now.  The window is big enough.   Maybe it would be even nicer with sounds (from Orca?)  :).