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Is this still in development?

Quoted from the Steam FAQ:

What’s the difference between Steam and version of Buckshot Roulette?

The Steam version of Buckshot Roulette includes localization, controller support, achievements, leaderboards, 4 new items for Double or Nothing mode, free digital copy of the game’s soundtrack. The game will also receive a multiplayer mode later this year!

So, not only do we have to wait for an update, but the Steam players get extra toys to play with...

Adding on the fact that there are STEAM-EXCLUSIVE FEATURES, and I'm not just talking about the multiplayer...

your instructions on how to fold this are very unclear to me. is there some sort of diagram or image to help me?

Is there any chance of a printer-friendly version?

can you add more community copies?

yes, please!

can you make a printer-friendly version?

Can you make a printer-friendly version of the SRD?

can you possibly make a printer-friendly version of the booklet?

Will you ever add community copies for this? Would be great for people who can't afford the game

That didn't work for me

fair enough

Can you send me it? I only have a B&W printer

I am using the print and staple one and the printer gives an InsufficientMemory Error

for some reason, my printer keeps erroring when I print this out, any idea why?

Can you add some community copies for this?

I extracted the zip and there was no Roll20 Cards folder.

wrong category, this should be in games(for video games), not physical games(which is for Tabletop games)

pages 8 and 9 are the same

Sounds good!

can you make a printer-friendly version?

Thank you!

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Can you include a single pages version for ease of printing?

what kind of paper do you recommend for printing this? I personally only have letter paper

how would one print the artless pdf?

how do you print this off if you are at home?

What's the difference between the continuous and non-continuous  files?

Thanks! Also the cover text isn't readable without the paper layer enabled

can you possibly add more community copies?

yesh, just saw, lol

can you add community copies?

Singles and spreads are the same file essentially right now

There is singles and sheets, but no b&w version

can you make a black and white printer-friendly version?

Can you make a printer-friendly version?

Windows PCs can't read the .rtfd file format the folding instructions are in