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Great! I love to hear that people are enjoying it!

There are a few more things to have a look at, if you like it:

If you want an intro adventure, there's this theatre full of goblins:

If you like steampunk and alchemy, there's a big setting for that:

If you like JRPGs, there's a setting hack for that in Codex Crystal:

If you want to make your own hack, you can check out the SRD:

Thanks Slade! I just listened to your interview from a few years ago on The Gauntlet. I appreciate your take on TIH and some of what it addresses in the space between DW and trad games. You said that you didn't like when indie games come out and the creator doesn't follow up with more support material. Now that it's been years, would you ever go back and make more like Noises? Or would you change/update portions of TIH?

Ps, I think The Gauntlet tried to force you to validate your design process in that interview and you did a great job clearly communicating your thoughts under pressure. 


Oh wow. Time has given me some wisdom on that topic. I still don't like it when indie games stop producing content, but I can see why it happens for really quirky games. I have some ideas about a second edition of TIH that comes in a larger form (100-200 pages of locations and NPCs and items etc.), with more adventure hooks built in. I also have a few zine-sized ideas that would be good as TIH or system-neutral pieces.

I can't recall being overly pressured back then, but my mind goes blank when I'm being recorded, for sure. I have lots more design thoughts now too. I wonder if they'd have me back...