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I've uploaded a print-friendly version! Let me know if there's anything you'd change.



Alright! I've added a version that should print a lot better for people. Let me know if there's anything you'd change about it.



Wonderful world-building in here! Highly recommend this one to add some flavour and complexity to your sci-fi worlds.

There are a few more physical copies that I'd like to send to Indie Press Revolution, who distributed my last game in the US. I plan to get them there in January, at the latest. Any art-free-and-copy-shop-friendly version I could make would be without the nice layout. That's something I could manage late next week, if you're interested.

There are a few more physical copies that I'd like to send to Indie Press Revolution, who distributed my last game in the US. I plan to get them there in January, at the latest. Any art-free-and-copy-shop-friendly version I could make would be without the nice layout. That's something I could manage late next week, if you're interested.

Absolutely! It's available here:

Hi Shroomander,

  I am just winding down the typical kickstarter and itchfunding shipping. It will take me a few days to get things settled and then I can start shipping to additional customers. I believe that the article ships as a typical (though very thick) letter, rather than as a "flat" or "package", to Europe, so it should have minimal interference from customs. However, I have not yet sent a copy to Portugal, so I cannot be certain. I would gladly try to pay the VAT from my end, and can inquire at the post office soon.

  Could you send me an email at with your address?



Excellent! Glad you like it!

Love it! Mecha is one thing we didn't dive into in this setting. Great addition to the toolkit.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it. The weird sense of humour of Scablands Press really shines through here.

Looks really great! You and Marcel have got this very specific sci-fi vibe down perfectly.

Hi Jesse, not sure if you're still following this thread, but Matthew Morris has uploaded a solo play oracle for the game. You can find it here:

Glad it helped! Feel free to ask any follow-ups. I do check here semi-regularly.

Great to hear that you're getting it to the table!

SUNK CITY is PWYW on itch! You can grab it in digital format here: I consider it my home group setting for REDUX.

If you printed out the big hex-map therein as a handout, you'd have a lot of new locations to scour.



Hello! It is quite similar to EB. The rule-as-written is: roll your ability scores, 3d6 each for STR, DEX, and WIL, swap any two. Then, your pattern, type, and background are rolled, in that order. However, at your table, you could certainly use a standard array, point-buy, or another method you prefer for the three stats, so long as the total isn't too far from 32 and nothing is higher than 18. You could also simply select your pattern, type, and background if your players know exactly what they want to play as. If I were making pre-gens, I'd probably use standard stat arrays of 14,10,8; 16,8,6; and 12,12,10.

I hope that helps!

Thank you! I greatly appreciate hearing about other people playing the game!



I might be right there with you. But writing it did feel cathartic, a little.

Thanks for saying so! I'd like to get back to these kinds of collaborative mechanics when I'm done with the current "trad" game I'm working on.

Hi Jesse,

  Unfortunately, the game does not currently contain additional systems for solo play and was designed with small group play in mind. All I can say is that it would be compatible with any solo frameworks that one might apply to Into the Odd or generic light-weight TTRPG systems. If you later find a framework that you enjoy, or create a solo play report, please let us know.

  Happy gaming,


Oh wow. Time has given me some wisdom on that topic. I still don't like it when indie games stop producing content, but I can see why it happens for really quirky games. I have some ideas about a second edition of TIH that comes in a larger form (100-200 pages of locations and NPCs and items etc.), with more adventure hooks built in. I also have a few zine-sized ideas that would be good as TIH or system-neutral pieces.

I can't recall being overly pressured back then, but my mind goes blank when I'm being recorded, for sure. I have lots more design thoughts now too. I wonder if they'd have me back...

Great! I love to hear that people are enjoying it!

There are a few more things to have a look at, if you like it:

If you want an intro adventure, there's this theatre full of goblins:

If you like steampunk and alchemy, there's a big setting for that:

If you like JRPGs, there's a setting hack for that in Codex Crystal:

If you want to make your own hack, you can check out the SRD:

Quirky, cute, immersive, and filled with little surprise delights and dangers! GMs, please run this as a gift to your players if they are into those sorts of things.

Unfortunately, I didn't create any actual plays during playtesting of this, and haven't been able to find any from others. Let me know if you get it to the table!

Thanks! I'd love to do more, for sure. 2022 might be a good year for it.

Thanks! Enjoy!

Thank you! I aim for mild torment.

Thank you! It means extra-much coming from THE Becky Annison.

Thanks! I'm thinking about that myself, deciding everything from the monumentally important to the trivial. The mad king's advisors promoting war or peace, the submarine commander and his inner circle deciding whether to rise, etc.


I've now fixed the PDF to include that.

Thanks! I'll make it a little better, that being the case.