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Hello again,

I haven't been able to replicate the 'wrong finishing positions' thing, but I have gone and changed the code a bit to make the finish results much more reliable.

Thanks again!

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I was able to finally replicate the wrong position bug using the newest version (1.08)! On the Hockenhamring i was on 6th position just behind the 5th placed driver (Hakkinen) when crossing the finish line.  Just before the racescreen faded away me and the driver behind me, who i just overtook in the last corner, both gained a position with Hakkinen now in 7th. Maybe he retired just after the race finished, or because all three were within a split second?

I also noticed three other bugs:

1.) When you give an order to your second driver before the race starts, you can't switch him back to normal until the race starts.

2.) It kinda feels like when setting the dev focus on the next years car that development on the current is also elevated.

3.) I had a few  instances where i got no sponsor bonus even though i should have. The screenshot below shows the standings after the first race (double points) with me finishing 4 and 7 but not getting the bonus for finishing the race 6th or better.

OK, all noted! I don't think 2) is a bug but I'll have a look anyway.

Hi, I have done some investigation. The sponsor thing was a bug, now fixed in 1.0.9. The car development thing is simply because your current engine supplier has a high Research stat - they're contributing toward your car's development with new engine parts. About the finishing positions thing - while I have no idea what can be causing it, I have now gone to near-extremes to prevent from happening (cars when crossing the finish line enter Lap 99,999 minus two times the number of cars that already finished - it'd really take some doing to interpret that wrongly).

Build 1.0.9 is now live.