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Thanks for the email, and sorry it took so long to finally get to, but here it is! It's a really interesting story, pretty bizzare with how everyone is in T pose, but ultimately very heart warming and sad at the same time, and I loved the little robot narrator, except when he would block me in a corner accidently. Maybe making it so he doesn't follow so close could fix that. I'd also suggest subtitles and a volume control cause it was hard to hear him at times, either just cause he doesn't talk very loud or the music was just being pretty loud for a moment. Here's my video, I hope you enjoy! 

Thank you for your Let's Play Cyberwolf! We're sorry to see that you had volume levelling issues. It's not something we've encountered personally but we will look into it (and the possibility of subtitling). We're glad you enjoyed the experience anyway! :D