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really fun game for Halloween!

finally a horror game doing something DIFFERENT, genuinely scary

Thank you for your Let's Play RVZ. We're glad you had an interesting experience playing our experimental title! :)

Thank you for your Let's Play Cyberwolf! We're sorry to see that you had volume levelling issues. It's not something we've encountered personally but we will look into it (and the possibility of subtitling). We're glad you enjoyed the experience anyway! :D

Thank you for concluding your "Bizarre Indie Week" with The Memoirs of Tobias Poise! We really enjoyed your let's play :D

Thank you for your lets play RobBoberty! :)

Hi ferocioustoast!

Thanks for the Let's Play! We really enjoyed it :) Sorry to see that our good friend P.A.S.C.A.L caused you some bother!

We have been unable to reproduce this issue but will continue to try source and fix it.

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The definitive answer to the burning question of "Can games be art?". Experience a heart-wrenching rendition of the life of everyday hero Tobias Pose in this free memoir game. Out now on!

We're sorry to hear you have had a negative experience. Could you provide us with further information of what room the issue occured in and screenshots so we can fix it? Thank you.

It is available for Windows :) Just download, extract the files and double click Q.exe to play

Yeah sorry about that, it is available for Windows, but due to an issue the build was taken down temporarily. It'll be back up tomorrow. Thanks!

The protagonist is well aware of what they're waiting for, but maybe not all the details.