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I would love to be able to scream nonstop at the ghosts for a minute. Please add this to the game.


i think if you mix in some violent flailing and latin chants you can convince them you are like for real possessed and get them to run the heck away in terror of the ALPHA GHOST.

this of course leads to an ending where you have the best night of sleep you've ever had in a while. but a demonic looking spirit fades into view to imply you were actually possessed by this fourth ghost.


Interesting prospect. I kind of do want to add more branching options to this, and this is not a bad idea... Although the first ghost might just be even more intrigued by a possessed mortal!

maybe not after vague but ominous threats of being dragged into the underworld.


I'm legit tempted to add in a dialog tree that's just "AAAAAAAAH" for every answer... But I think our protagonist might be too sleep deprived to muster that much energy in the end.