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It'd be great, if it didn't crash so often

great but it gets boring on day 2

Simple and sweet. When you begin to feel bored of the game, it is over. Very good


Please tell me you haven't forgotten!

Hey I just wanted you to know that it's not completely random. You can time it if you get a mental pattern in your brain. Unless you intended for that. Good game

Hows it going man how amazing are you at gaming

I absolutely love it and I have the shittiest laptop known to man; this ran perfectly. I actually felt like I was getting even better at gaming as I played. I use a trackpad so you can imagine I suck at shooter games but I was aiming so perfectly. A part of me kind of wishes there was an accuracy % and kill counter at the end

not really very stimulating of a game. Maybe im missing something? All I have is the servers and website content page

In the yoga ending theres a glitch where it will display "you" when oliva is talking while fucking her

Ah its a game jam that makes sense. Hard to do all the bug fixing in just a few hours. I will try this game again later :)

The third round in I searched everywhere and she wasn't anywhere.. there was a teddy bear w a necklace and i got it but didnt find her??? and it didnt do anything after 30 seconds. :/

Yay! Please comment again when it is fixed. I would love to play your game when it is more readable :)

Its too hard to read (in the beginning at least). I cant understand a word and it doesnt help that the text is the same colour as rosys skirt. it hurts my eyes and i cant read half of it which is a shame bc everyone is saying its so good :( 

update:  i just started a human/cat/dog hybrid roleplay with my best friend (we met roleplaying and never stopped). I blame you smh /nm

I'm not a huge furry person and usually tend to avoid things that include them (no hate, just not my cup of tea) but holy shit even then this was so fucking good??? like it didnt bother me at all it was so good and i was so into it the entire time holy fuck dude 10/10

she literally says stop multiple times idc that shes an animal tbh its just weird bc she literally tells u to stop. i think those videos are weird too for the record but in the ones ive seen (which, tbf, are few)  they at least liked the idea enough to agree to it. i mean, at the end of the day it doesnt matter because its fictional and no one is REALLY hurt from this, i just thought it was a little weird

You just made a rape simulator

agreed. drew spongebob and patrick and got the prompt :(

well seems i stand corrected!

From the description:
Why are you lying? There's no point. This isn't a good way to get attention or make friends :/

Not really my thing, but it was very cute :)

Good dolla


I was using Chrome when I encountered this bug.

I took my gloves out and bought something and now I don't have them. I cannot move any plants.

I would love to be able to scream nonstop at the ghosts for a minute. Please add this to the game.

On level 2 I knocked down a trash can and during that time I moved to the left of it, getting me trapped in between the can as well as a bench.  Otherwise, a fun game.

It was absolutely horrifying, I enjoyed it.

poor monkey doesnt even have a clock

It's only been a few minutes, but I'm already extremely immersed in the story. Can't wait to see what is next!

Oddly addicting, I love it!

If you die its impossible to replay

Oh, I had no idea I could still play on Windows! I must have downloaded it wrong, thank you for telling me.

This game is great,

















Hmu when my highscore is taken.

Easy but fun

It's crazy that my name is Natalie and one of my old best friends was named Grace haha. It looks like a good game, I just wish I could play it still :c.

ctrl - / ctrl +
will zoom in/out your screen which should fix the problem

er- the bug is still there lol