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Hello! First off, thank you so much for mentioning the bug! I just updated the game files so it should hopefully be fixed for any future downloads. 

As for displaying MC’s default name, I think that’s a good idea, I’ll make a note of that! Her default name was originally going to be Reiven but since there’s a pink hair option, I changed it to Angel with no real intention behind it but I’m glad you liked it still!

GUI is definitely another weakness of mine, I’d like to focus on that for the sequel for sure. 

About the story, for now, MC’s powers are up to the player. I don’t want to decide on their origins so for now I’ll say it’s up to you! And yes, they are eventually revealed to Elijah and Noah.

Thank you for the thoughtful comment, I’m glad you enjoyed playing! I’m looking forward to your future projects and I’ll make sure to play the ones you’ve completed too!

Hi again~ So, my thoughts, the name option of Reiven and Angel is good too (like you can probably make the player choose the hair color first before the name option and make Reiven and Angel the default names (because I think Reiven suits the dark haired option too and that's such a cute name))!

As for the gui, psh, don't worry! I actually struggled on that too. It's more like I can't wrap my head about certain things and it just completely evades me sometimes (although, in my current VN, I managed to finally change the main menu but I'm still far a way from making a full-fledged GUI). So, if you want some tutorials, I'll share some and I hope you find them useful. For imagebuttons, this post helped me create my main menu for my recent VN. And another post right here (I just found this and I already tried it once but I found some sneaky problem that makes the quick menu UI um... idk i just don't like how it works but it's pretty easy to follow in the post). And another post if you want the full-blown UI with unlockable extras (for this one, just download the files and look the the scripts to see how they used it, playing the game also gives a slight overview of how it works. I'm currently sort off using this last post as basis for some GUI elements and it helps). These imagebuttons tutorial helped me understand things and it helped so yeah. However, if you want imagemaps, check this one and this one (both of these tutorials use the old/legacy framework but it should still work on the new one, although I'm not really sure since I haven't tried it yet (because imagebuttons xD). But the second tutorial at least covers until the part where you can create gallery, music room, and etc.).  But then again, for me, it's fine if you don't add these things because your story and characters are still precious <3 although, I really think it will add to the vibe (but don't feel pressured to do this, really, you don't have to~ your VNs are really great for me even without the GUI shenanigans but if you pushed through it then I fully support you xD)

If MC's powers are up to the player, does that mean she had some other power aside from telekinesis (oh em, wait I get it - she had either telekinesis or telepathy, right? right?) And I'm really excited on how they'll react once they find out about her powers (I think Elijah will think its cool and as for Noah, hmm, maybe he'll be stunned and not speak for an hour? hahaha xD).

I'm really glad I enjoyed playing too! Although, following the theme of your first two VNs, I'm expecting a certain vibe and it's thankfully there. I love how your VNs are always short, sweet, and thoughtful (and it makes me happy and inspired art-wise so it really helps!) And thank you for looking forward to my future projects (although they shift from light-hearted to serious, I actually have a trend which makes it rather funny because it's unintentional. Like Keynote is lighthearted, Die.Alone is serious, The Villaintine is lighthearted, and The Villaintine: Sepia is serious (although it does have its lighthearted elements). and you don't have to play them, really, but I'm glad still that you want to try them out :D and thank you very much for considering on playing them! sorry I'm rambling too much and have a great day~ this is probably one of the longest posts I've made in and I can't even xD)


Thank you for all the tutorials and tips about GUI, I'll definitely check them out for the sequel, along with your name suggestion! Yes, when I look up tutorials, I usually don't understand from the get go and I generally move on since I'm rather impatient, ahaha....

As for her powers, in the VN so far, they've been limited to yes, telepathy and telekinesis, but again, I don't want to restrict players. If they want to imagine MC with different, or more complex powers, I think that will still fit in the narrative.  I want players to feel like they belong in the world, or to be able to imagine MC as a character they can change to their imagination. 

And no worries, I'm always happy to see your messages! 

I relate so much to the part where you move on if you can't understand things (especially if you focus more in the story and the art or if you're joining a jam and you want to just finish the whole thing before the deadline ends-- and just simply trying to wrap your head around a complex tutorial feels like wasting too much time sometimes). 

I see, I see xD that's great! (invisibility won't be possible but okay xD). And I think it's good that players can imagine more complex powers if they want to (that's cool -- like super strength? or maybe that's pulling it way too much). 

And aw, thank you for being happy to see my messages and I'm really happy to see your VNs too, you're one of my favorite VN creators so stay awesome!