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Thank you for all the tutorials and tips about GUI, I'll definitely check them out for the sequel, along with your name suggestion! Yes, when I look up tutorials, I usually don't understand from the get go and I generally move on since I'm rather impatient, ahaha....

As for her powers, in the VN so far, they've been limited to yes, telepathy and telekinesis, but again, I don't want to restrict players. If they want to imagine MC with different, or more complex powers, I think that will still fit in the narrative.  I want players to feel like they belong in the world, or to be able to imagine MC as a character they can change to their imagination. 

And no worries, I'm always happy to see your messages! 

I relate so much to the part where you move on if you can't understand things (especially if you focus more in the story and the art or if you're joining a jam and you want to just finish the whole thing before the deadline ends-- and just simply trying to wrap your head around a complex tutorial feels like wasting too much time sometimes). 

I see, I see xD that's great! (invisibility won't be possible but okay xD). And I think it's good that players can imagine more complex powers if they want to (that's cool -- like super strength? or maybe that's pulling it way too much). 

And aw, thank you for being happy to see my messages and I'm really happy to see your VNs too, you're one of my favorite VN creators so stay awesome!