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I love this! hope you update soon and add new things such as new tech and behavior ?


Thanks! I'm definitely planning to continue working on the game for a while – I'd especially like to add some of the planned events that I wound up dropping to get in before the jam submission deadline.

I would like to help you with ideas as much as I can, feel free to contact me whenever you like. Do you think you could tell me/us some of the things you would like to implement?

At the moment we're limited, which is okay for now but I had a few ideas which came to mind.

1. Ability to add your own civ you can influence, but you choose the traits/what planet they're on also star type and the name. (Some level of customization?)

2. Once a civ is successful and manages to colonize other planets, wouldn't it be cool if they could perhaps interact with one another in some way instead of just giving an option to allow the civ to 'join us' - notify players/watchers who are on this game about that.

3. The log gets a bit complicated after some time, more than 3 civs may pop up and may be over-whelming to control, would be cool to give us a choice to cap the amount of civs which can pop up if the player wanted.

4. More interactions :- Instead of just technology, what about a bonus event which you can choose every 5 years? for example. A new resource deposit has been found, (only show up if you have the gun powder tech) and that bonus could help speed up the civ growth or perhaps that would make them more greedy - cont:- the traits should perhaps change over time, with values going up or down which could help or destroy them in the end.

5. More events for each civ which could influence the growth or downfall of the empire. So like our real life civ - humans had what we call a quantum leap during wars or after it. Wars could lead to unification of the planet (World domination) or nuclear fallout (which you already implemented in some way)

6.Maybe more tech? New weapons - possible upgrades , if the civ upgrades the weapons, make it so that they could eliminate themselves or lead to the global dominance event (once discovered tools) - dont end it there either, global dominance is not always a bad thing, could speed up the time in which they could acquire new tech or build interesting structures or influence the civ to build monuments and so on

7 - simple idea, someone may of suggested it but perhaps you could give us the ability to clear civ logs to make it much easier to handle/delete existing civs if too many pop up.

8. Pause button would be cool, like I dont want my civ to die or something know.. haha.

9. Give us more options to influence a civ, maybe becoming their God. If we type a certain word/command, we could encourage a civ to go for a specific tech or goal - allow us every so often - to type. Every 3-10 years? (civ would not have to listen to your command) if they dont....well...

comes to my next idea.

10. Powers/Disasters, There could be nothing better but to cause an extinction event - natural disasters- or maybe a disaster that only effects the civ for a short while but does not completely halt their growth.

11. Age of Civ/ Statistic page - Im sure you could go on and on with that one, probably a lot of effort to code and handle so I don't expect you to implement any of my ideas, but feel free to use your imagination on my ideas and I am sure, this urmm..simulator could turn into a bit of a civ management game or a god civ with some management to it. I dont know but what I do know it would add replayability

sorry for the massive text and some typos.

Some of which I just randomly came up with..

I love the concept and definitely something we can all work with. Would be cool if we set up a forum for suggestions to be made and perhaps gather a team in which we could help in terms of coding and programming. I don't know but it is just an idea but takes a lot of time. All of what I said probably would be difficult to implement but with tech and stuff improving and always changing, the only limit would be your creativity and imagination

Keep it up