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Hey CAJI, its been a while since an update and i was just wondering how things are coming along? Are you making new maps? Are you hard at work on multiplayer? Maybe new units?

Its just i really want to see how this game progresses but there's been nothing to update me on the situation so i'd be cool if you responded. Anyway hope progress is going well and i hope to read from you soon.


Hey ct, it's both surprising and awesome to hear that you've been waiting for updates! I meant to release the multiplayer update last week but had to post-pone it due to a short vacation. Currently I'm just sorting out some bugs but am hoping to have the multiplayer update released tomorrow :)!

I don't expect the multiplayer lobby to be very active, but hopefully it'll provide a fun experience for those that wanna play with a group of friends at the very least. From what I've managed to playtest with a friend, I've certainly found it to be quite fun.


Cool, cant wait for the update to come out to play with other people online.