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he stopped working on the game, so its not going to be added

I used to love playing this game on my phone all the time. Wish there was new content to play :(

Nice art and music, Game breaks if you restart on level 5, and I got stuck on level 10. Not exactly hard, but a fun little experience.

I'm sad to hear that you wont be updating Control Room anytime soon, but I completely understand the reason why you won't. Good luck with your career, and I'll be waiting ever patiently for you to return, But don't feel rushed to do so.

Cool, cant wait for the update to come out to play with other people online.


Hey CAJI, its been a while since an update and i was just wondering how things are coming along? Are you making new maps? Are you hard at work on multiplayer? Maybe new units?

Its just i really want to see how this game progresses but there's been nothing to update me on the situation so i'd be cool if you responded. Anyway hope progress is going well and i hope to read from you soon.



Very short, no sound, and nothing really relating to dots.

This is an okay game. Interesting concept for a racing game and I'm sure I'd be fun if there was ai to race against, or multiplayer.  But since there isn't multiplayer or AI and there's 1 track, i couldn't make myself play for more than 2 minuets.

9/10 game

This game is great and the atmosphere made while playing in the dark is a bit scary.

I like how you have squads you can control to take care of the SCP's. I love how when the monsters attack the electrical room, everything goes dark, and that really gets my heart going during the game.

this game is great but I have a few complaints.

1) not enough maps

2) engineer is op and assault is under-powered, it'd be nice for it do be more balanced

3) no multiplayer. (i dont blame you for that considering that multiplayer is probably hard to implement)

When you do add multiplayer it would be cool to have a 4 man lobby each person with his/her own squad. And it would also be nice if you could find a way to make the multiplayer a little more global, instead of local. (just throwing out some ideas i had)

anyway i love this game and cant wait for what your'll add in the future.


They legally cant do that, since they haven't took any of minecrafts coding, its technically considered an original work. They haven't taken any assets or anything.