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I love the new update! I've only experienced one or two problems thus far.

1) Desperate need for some kind of run button in the dungeons I think. Just to get through the empty spaces better/get around quicker.

2) Speed up in-between dialogue! The text crawl is too slow. Or just resume the text crawl after a battle is finished.

3) Bug? On Level 7 of the noob dungeon the game got crazy fast. It was cool but it played so quickly!

Thanks a lot for trying out the beta! Those are some great suggestions, I'll look into them. Can you remember what triggered the speed-up on level 7? Or did it just randomly happen? Thanks!

It just seemed to randomly happen I'm afraid! I got into a battle, and suddenly I was playing an anime fighter :P

That said it was kinda fun for the 10 seconds I lasted. Maybe look into a speed modifier. 


Who knows, maybe I'll turn that into a feature at some point in the future xD