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I'm never in a rush for answers...

My UI theme colors saves fine, I was wondering about back up for restoring if my PC crashes. So just backup my config file and I would be good to go.

Remembering the parameters would be all that's needed. It would save  alot of time trying to recreate after an edit on the base picture. I'll keep your todo list filled.......Thanks Joe

P.S. Pixelcnc has surpassed my expectations, even at this stage in its development. I have been using it exclusively for my projects. I'm still learning , there are alot of features.

Ah, I see. I think with v1.53a I hadn't added code to immediately save the config file when you close the UI or theme dialogs - which is something that's been in the development build for a few months now (v1.55b) to ensure that settings changes are conserved in the event that PixelCNC isn't able to quit out successfully due to a crash or something.


 - Charlie