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I hope that works out for you!

And here's the specifics, instead of just some hints;

-Lu needs to have three affection points by the start of Night 2. That means saying he has worth after sticking with him during Night 1 then spending time with just him during Day and choosing both options that show concern/kindness towards Lu

-Margret needs to be alive on Night 2

-When deciding to throw the lantern or just watch, you have to remain undecided until the time runs out

-Finally, when the guide has left Margret and Kikka to wait, you have to go check on him

Following that I am still getting the ending where Kikka falls in and Lu dies... Trying to avoid spoilers but like I'm trying to make sure this is just operator error and not something breaking. Though if it were to break I would be the one to break it. T^T

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I'm sorry ;;. I'll have to give at least a little spoiler. That is how it's meant to go. You've gotta keep trucking past that horrible event and keep trying to get everyone to the other side. It isn't over until it's truly over.

And be sure to bring Margret along, instead of Bemelle.

Ok, awesome. So it was just the saves not letting me progress, I cleared everything and finished most of the endings. x'D I still get an occasional skip to the title screen, but I'm not sure what causes it.

Oh yay, I'm glad you were able to see most of the content!