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level 17 has 2 instances of cheese:
svefg fbyhgvba, lbh pna fubbg yrsg juvyr chfuvat gur terl oybpx bss gb gur evtug, naq trg n lryybj oybpx yrsg bs lbhefrys qrfcvgr gurer orvat abguvat gurer gb fgbc gur fubg. gurer ner frireny fvzvyne ohtf jvgu qbvat fbzrguvat ernyyl snfg nsgre chfuvat, sbe rknzcyr jnlf gb pehfu lbhefrys jvgu gur lryybj oybpx lbh whfg fubg. znlor nqq n zvavzhz qrynl nsgre chfuvat orsber lbh pna fubbg. va gur obahf yriry v jnf nyfb noyr gb chfu gur terl oybpx juvyr vg jnf snyyvat, juvpu znl or purrfr. gur frpbaq fbyhgvba, lbh pna chfu n lryybj oybpx vagb n terl oybpx ba gur tbny vagb n fxhyy, naq vg qrfgeblf gur fxhyy, jvaavat gur yriry.

levels 18+ seem much easier than 14 15 and 17

the jan 13 update did not fix the above cheese and bugs. in case you couldn't understand, it is rot13.
I don't understand the changes to lv2 or lv16. lv5 is better, lv18 is worse (more obvious), lv19 is worse (less elegant), lv20 is better (much harder)

Thanks! I'll try to improve.

more bugs: you can still push a falling block (imo falling blocks should not be pushable). you can shoot the side or bottom of a falling yellow block (it should vanish as soon as you shoot, and therefore not be shootable). I think you should not be able to shoot while pushing, that seems to cause several problems.