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i suggest adding mouse input, ps+ has that

I made an oversight designing level F1, please don't pick left-facing crowbar.

rot13 hints:
gur bevtvany gurzr sbe guvf tnzr hfrq n culfvpny grgure, fb vg jencf nebhaq bowrpgf va gur yvar bs gur beovg. guvf vagrenpgvba yvzvgf ohg nyfb urycf lbh.
guvf uvag vf ebg14: ftq wqk uzfqdyqpumfq efmfq ue fa adnuf qmdft oxaowiueq mf dmpuge azq, ngf oayuzs rday oagzfqdoxaowiueq mdagzp ftq egz ue uybaeeunxq pgq fa hqzge nxaowuzs dmpuge ftdqq.
ftue tuzf ue daf15: espcp td l cpaplelmwp xlypfgpc esle rped jzf zyp nwzdpc ez ufatepc. oz esle l qph etxpd lyo espy pglwflep jzfc zaetzyd.

the latter. you are expected to know or look up the astronomical symbols.

Snakebird regularly goes on sale for the same price or lower than this one, and is better in most ways. I feel bad for anyone who picked up this game not knowing about the better option available.

What are the distinctions? From what is shown in the screenshots and dev posts, it looks like a direct clone of Snakebird but with fewer gameplay features (no multi-snake levels or pushable blocks) and worse level design.

Well that's pretty readable even with the encryption lol, maybe use K and X. I came up with the same solution so it might be unique, very interesting that such a thing has a unique solution. What did your code do, find the positions or push things into place or something else?

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7/6: initial upload with 12 levels
7/7: replaced level 7
7/13: new/fixed levels 4, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, changed some sprites

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If you want to give hints use so people can't accidentally read them.

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jumping over a box pushes it by 1, seems like a bug. sofa problem is either impossible or uses an untutorialized interaction. edit: it is the latter. the ... is not needed.

in case you forget how they work and need to revisit some easy intro levels, or want to skip to something new, new mechanics are introduced at levels:

1: pink, 8: blue, 14: green, 24: gray, 30: orange

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often puzzlescript games require you to reload the page once before they become responsive on itch, idk why. i messaged pluf to increase the embed window size.

Hints for each level if you are stuck (rot13):
Act 1 - zbir njnl sebz gur ung'f bcravat gb chyy bowrpgf bhg, pbire nyy erq gnetrgf jvgu enoovgf
Act 2 - pbire nyy oyhr gnetrgf jvgu ungf, nyy erq gnetrgf jvgu enoovgf
Act 3 - vs gur evtug ung fgnegrq naljurer ryfr, vg jbhyq or rnfl
Act 4 - lbh pna chfu ungf vaqverpgyl, ohg abg enoovgf
Act 5 - vs bayl lbh pbhyq cerirag gur ungf sebz ebyyvat nyy gur jnl gb gur obeqre
Act 6 - vg vf uneqre gb trg gur evtug ung npebff gur oneevre guna gur yrsg ung
Act 7 - vg qbrfa'g ybbx cbffvoyr gb trg gur enoovgf bhg bs gur funsg jvgu gung ung
Act 8 - vg frrzf yvxr lbh arrq gur yrsg snpvat ung gb pbyyrpg gur enoovg naq gb qrcbfvg vg ba gur gnetrg
Act 9 - zbivat gur ung jvyy bayl znxr guvatf uneqre
Act 10 - lbh qba'g arrq gb chg gur ungf vafvqr rnpu bgure
Act 11 - gung nern ng gur obggbz vfa'g arrqrq gb ergevrir gur enoovg

elaboration on that hint if you still don't get it (rot13) gurer ner sbhe pbagebyf bzvggrq sebz gur ghgbevny, gur xrlf qcgm juvpu lbh ner zrnag gb qvfpbire juvyr cenpgvpvat. cg pbhyq unir orra vapyhqrq va gur ghgbevny, juvpu ner fzrne gur qrpx ba gur gnoyr naq cynpr gur gbc pneq erfcrpgviryl, gubhtu gur bgure gjb ner bzvggrq vagragvbanyyl.

nice levels, almost all of them felt impossible at one point during the solve

major hint if you are stuck (rot13) gur ghgbevny qbrfag gryy lbh nyy bs gur pbagebyf

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I liked the encore levels more than the rest of the game since they were deductive rather than trial and error/fiddling. 0:51 is by far the hardest level.

"if only...skip..." level has a trivial solution with just walk right

bug: if something is above you, action key destroys it. I suggest increasing the embed window size significantly.

was the last level supposed to spell something but you gave up?

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possible bug [removed details since they had spoilers]

(6 edits)

amazing number of good levels for how long you had.

Awesome game, problem solving is surprisingly similar to the real thing. I recorded level 12 in 15 moves because the solution was cool

v0.02 feels unnatural, I would allow moving after shooting again, maybe after a short delay like 0.2 seconds. my comment about level 8 was before I played any later levels, and after experiencing the rest of the game, I would say timing dependent puzzles are a good addition, as long as they are not too precise.

no moving after shooting is not sufficient to prevent timing puzzles, as you can still move and shoot while blocks are falling. level 18 has 3 solutions currently, 2 of which involve speedy action as the block falls. level 8 can be fixed with a wall above the down-arrow. not sure what solutions were fixed in 17 and 14, but 17 looks uglier now.

more bugs: you can still push a falling block (imo falling blocks should not be pushable). you can shoot the side or bottom of a falling yellow block (it should vanish as soon as you shoot, and therefore not be shootable). I think you should not be able to shoot while pushing, that seems to cause several problems. 

the jan 13 update did not fix the above cheese and bugs. in case you couldn't understand, it is rot13.
I don't understand the changes to lv2 or lv16. lv5 is better, lv18 is worse (more obvious), lv19 is worse (less elegant), lv20 is better (much harder)

(1 edit)

level 17 has 2 instances of cheese:
svefg fbyhgvba, lbh pna fubbg yrsg juvyr chfuvat gur terl oybpx bss gb gur evtug, naq trg n lryybj oybpx yrsg bs lbhefrys qrfcvgr gurer orvat abguvat gurer gb fgbc gur fubg. gurer ner frireny fvzvyne ohtf jvgu qbvat fbzrguvat ernyyl snfg nsgre chfuvat, sbe rknzcyr jnlf gb pehfu lbhefrys jvgu gur lryybj oybpx lbh whfg fubg. znlor nqq n zvavzhz qrynl nsgre chfuvat orsber lbh pna fubbg. va gur obahf yriry v jnf nyfb noyr gb chfu gur terl oybpx juvyr vg jnf snyyvat, juvpu znl or purrfr. gur frpbaq fbyhgvba, lbh pna chfu n lryybj oybpx vagb n terl oybpx ba gur tbny vagb n fxhyy, naq vg qrfgeblf gur fxhyy, jvaavat gur yriry.

levels 18+ seem much easier than 14 15 and 17

level 8 has cheese:
sebz gur fgneg cbfvgvba, fubbg n oybpx, gura jvgu tbbq gvzvat fgrc ba gur ohggba. gung vf gur jubyr fbyhgvba, gvzvat onfrq fbyhgvbaf frrz jrveq fb znlor punatr gur zrpunavpf fb gung gvzvat pna abg or hfrq, be whfg punatr guvf bar vagrenpgvba fb gung npgvingrq jnyyf qb abg bofgehpg n zbivat bowrpg juvpu vf vagrefrpgvat nabgure jnyy gung vf gelvat gb npgvingr.

awesome game, the movement feels great after working with it for a while (though the obstacles you designed are too finnicky). castle bubble inspired? I couldnt get 5 of the red balls, 3 of them seem doable while the other 2 are way too long (top left room could use a checkpoint up top). I tried slowing it down but that didn't help due to messing with muscle memory, I did notice you can rotate more rapidly when slowed down though, might want to fix that.

awesome level design. the "you beat all levels" thing unlocks a level early

I would suggest expanding the active part of the game window, which seems to use only 640x460 of the 800x600 window. I just got to 22 and can't really see it without entering full screen, and many prior levels have also felt cramped.